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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mosquitoes Bites - Curious Case of a Critter with Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Beware! What you are going to read is extremely emotional. You might wet your eyes. 'Mosquitoes Bites' revolves around jaw-dropping facts, events and emotional relationship between a mosquito and a man.

What is 'Mosquitoes Bites' all about?

"It is a very rare, unconditional, two-sided love story between a man and a small living creature that is full of empathy, devotion, and sacrifice."

Here we go...

It seems I am dying. I shall die of starvation if I will not get blood, albeit I sipped some blood, a few days ago when I bit an infant. I am famished, weak, can’t fly to another place to gorge myself on lashings of fresh blood streams flowing in your veins. I shall perish, right here, in front of the man, who unwittingly taught me, what love is, what sacrifice is. And now, when I shall follow his path, I shall erase my existence from this land called earth. This is for if I stoke up on his blood, I hurt him and that I can’t. Now, I realize that it’s better to die than watching the dear one getting diseased.

There are some good memories, which will be cremated with me if I don’t tell you. I am petite yet pokey as I can fly maximum at speed of only two miles per hour. You think of me as a little creature but truth is that I am one of the deadliest animals in the world. This is the reason we are hated by you people. You research a lot and keep inventing chemicals like DEET, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and IR3535 to repel us effectively. But you know it better, how safer you are!

It was daybreak. I was flying wonderingly in a street, in search of a better place. Almost, two days had passed, since I guzzled blood of a baby girl at my last resident. Soon, I traced a home with its window opened. It was injurious to my health to fly in through the open window, as I could sense the deadly smell of a strong repellent. But, I could smell carbon dioxide also mixed with deadly fumes. We are heavily attracted to this gas. It indicates that there is a big source to feast on.  Reluctantly, I followed the smoke. It was risky and uncertain but I was fortunate enough to get at right place.

Amazing facts about mosquitoes bites


In order to protect myself from the deadly air, I quickly moved into another room via the gallery. Probably, that room was Kitchen, as I could see a man in refrigerator light, pouring out beer in a glass. We are more attracted to an alcoholic because it increases carbon dioxide around them. I made the haste, landed down on the back of his neck and pierced my proboscis deeply. The taste was good, I wanted to continue. However, as anticipated he tapped his fingers on his neck, this could have killed me, but it was my attentiveness and his dizzy spells that saved my life.

I quickly flew into another room. I could see a man in mid-twenties, asleep in bed, snoring gently. I reclined on a bottle cap placed on a stool next to his bed. I gazed fixedly at his appearance. I had never seen a human face; such lively and vibrant. Seemed, I was totally mesmerized by his spirit.

Hours after, somewhere in the different room, I heard a voice of men chatting indistinctly.

‘Just give up this plan, devise something better.’ The man spoke.

‘Devise something better!’ exclaimed the other man.

‘Yes, exactly’

‘You know it better, that things are getting ruined, but still, you want to devise something better! Remember the effort, which we put together behind it?’ The man said.

‘Yes Madhur, I remember but try to understand. It is not just about me or you. It is about the whole ecosystem, and we are a part of the same. In one way or another, it will affect us. It is not visible right away but I can predict it. He said.

‘I didn’t get “predict it”. Tell me clearly Meet, what is it all about?’ Madhur said.

‘All right, then just understand that it is not only my prediction but even scientists thrust upon saying that if we disturb ecosystem, it will lead us to some severe consequences.’ Meet said.

Madhur laughed and then said, ‘So you presume that stamping out these blood sucking critters from our home will eradicate mosquitoes from the planet earth.

‘Exactly, because our method is not constrained by the four walls of our home, our deadly idea is contagious and it shall flourish and spread all around the world to cause a disaster.’ Meet said.

‘Oh My God, have you gone mad or what?’ said the irritated Madhur.

‘If by this way, I can save these tiny creatures, then yes I've gone Mad.’ said Meet.

‘Ah, I find you very uninteresting Meet. No more I can resolutely stick to your rules.’

‘I do find your sudden disinterest in me rather very uninteresting.’ Meet said.

Madhur didn’t utter a word again. He headed towards the front door, banged the door behind him as he left.

This incident provoked a storm of thoughts in my mind. Humbleness, love, compassion, empathy, and generosity are gifted to human beings. Unlike us, they take care of all living creatures while few of us; don’t even give up feasting on our own offspring. What a gift a mind is! What a gift heart is! What a life being a human is! Oh God, Can’t I feel love?

But my thoughts came to an abrupt end when I heard someone knocking at the door. He flung the door open and looked through it inside and waited in there until a girl in mid twenty came in. Meanwhile, Meet had walked in barefoot to listen out the door knock.

‘Hey Arpita, How are you?’ Meet said while shaking hand with her. He shook hand with the man also but said nothing.

‘I am good you say’ Arpita said.

‘Yeah, I am also good.’ Meet said

‘Can I sit on this sofa’ Arpita asked.

‘Of course, why do you ask this? This is like your home.’

‘Like my home!’ She chuckled and sat on the sofa. The man also sat bolt upright, hands folded in front of him, not speaking yet.

Meet too sat beside the man and said, ‘Good to see you again, Madhur’.

‘I am not here to please you anymore Meet, I am here to get Arpita away from you.’ Madhur broke his silence.

‘Away from me?’

‘Yes, and this is because…’

‘Ah, you guys are again making a nuisance. Please! I don’t like it.’ Arpita shouted in between.

‘I am sorry’ Meet said swiftly.

She continued, ‘No need to apologize Meet, but truth is that we can’t work together anymore.’

‘But why?’ Meet asked.

‘This is because you lack clarity and so a good understanding is missing among us.’ She said while breathing deeply.

‘Clarity? Understanding?’ uttered the shocked Meet.

‘Yeah, Madhur told me everything. You haven’t eliminated the mosquito completely from your home yet. You still feel affection and love for these tiny monsters!’

‘How effortlessly you believe him!’ spoke the angry Meet with clenched fingers.

‘I heard the whizzing sound of a mosquito around my head in the morning. There is no need to oppose Mr. Meet.’ Madhur intervened.

‘What do you mean by opposing?’ Meet asked in a hostile way.

Side effect and harm caused when one is bitten by a mosquito

‘Why are you doing this Meet? You are lying just to save these creatures. How easily can you forget the pain and suffering of your family? Your brother was deaf for two months because of side effect of Chloroquine, your mother still recovering from yellow fever and your uncle died of…’

‘Enough, I know it. I know what I have lost because of these insects, no need to remind me again and again.’ Meet yelled wildly enough to halt Arpita’s speech abruptly.

None spoke for few minutes. Then, she broke the silence.

‘Think about it again, Meet. She added, ‘Bring your idea up, of jamming mosquito’s wings in the air, before the world. This will publicize us. We will be next stars.’

‘I understand but what I anticipate future is invisible to you.’ Meet said.

‘Ah, why are you so worried about the future? Just present your idea before scientists and leave it to them for implementation or disapproval. At least, we will be honored.’ Madhur spoke after a long silence.

‘I don’t know. I think this is not the ideal time to come up.’ Meet said.

And the conversation went on. Gradually, her voice was rising up. She started shouting and went mad. Her high heart rate and heavily breathing increased intensity of CO2 around her. This attracted more of me towards her. I was again hungry, perhaps greedy. You can’t restrict yourself, when in front; there is plenty of favorite food to devour on. I started whirling around her with the intention to rest on her neck and taste some blood.

‘Oh my God, she cried out aloud scratching her mosquito bite, ‘something just pricked on my neck. If this is a mosquito, I accuse you of this act Meet.’

‘See, I told you, I felt the buzz of a mosquito in the morning. It is now proven that Meet tames mosquitoes.’ Madhur said quickly.

‘No need to argue with him further. He is lovesick of mosquitoes. Let’s move out of here before we get infected. Hurry up Madhur.’ She said and briskly walked out the door followed by Madhur. They left the door ajar.

‘Arpita please’ He could only mumble though he wanted to yell out her name and stop her, but he couldn’t. He rushed to door. He peeped out from the partly opened door just to find them leaving in a car. He banged a stretched fist on the door in frustration and guilt. He was standing there like a statue for several minutes, silent and firm. Then he started looking outside and inside the door randomly, muttering words, banging his head and hands and kicking hard on the door. He continued it until he was exhausted enough to get into his bed and fell asleep.

I was amazed by his extraordinary generosity towards us. I had never seen a man who dotes on harmful creatures, a man who is concerned about the welfare of all livings on the planet. Maybe this is what called unconditional love. It is not a passion. It is not a liking. It is selfless devotion.

The sacrifice and great love is shown by mosquito - the reason it didn't bite 

Now, Meet was left all alone. I could bring an intrusion to him that could take away his loneliness. But, I felt it was my requited love that was stopping me to kiss his blood. The bondage and affection for all animals that I learned from him, was confining my wings to an invisible fence, which I could not cross to reach him. Now it was clear that feeding on his blood for my own survival was now impossible.

Days kept passing but nobody came to visit Meet in those days. It got me hungrier, feebler.

At present, my hopes are diminishing. I can’t find any possible mean to avoid my slow death. I can feel it, creeping up on me bit by bit. You may call it a silly suicide but I take pride calling it a supreme sacrifice.

Today is the day when you are witnessing my death and calling it ‘the curious tale of a mosquito bite’.

Hope you liked the story. Please, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thoughtful Story: Confessions of an Old Man


"An old man's confessions about fear, anxiety, and criticism that kept him away from becoming successful and still haunt his mind." 

Once there was a boy with curly hairs and brown eyes. He looked very cute and innocent with a glee on his face. He was sitting on edge of a wooden bench planted in a park. He was lost somewhere in his thoughts, somewhat like daydreaming or nearly meditating with open eyes.  He couldn’t notice that when a seventy years old man came and took the seat beside him on that rusty iron seat.


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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

4 Inspirational Short Stories to Read Before Bed

4 Inspirational Short Stories to Read Before Bed

Good Night Inspirational Short Stories 

Short Story 1: Will Power

Short Story Will Power

A devotee used to cross the river and go to a temple and return after offering fruits and flowers to the God’s idol. There was also a wicked person, who used to come after the devotee and profoundly abuse the God, standing before his idol. One day, it was raining heavily, and water of the river had risen to the dangerous level. The devotee could not cross the river due to heavy flow, and he returned to his home. But the wicked person went to the temple after crossing the flooded river and started abusing the God, standing before his idol.

Suddenly, God appeared and asked the wicked person for a wish. The perplexed devotee said, “O Lord! You should have given a boon to the Brahmin, who comes daily to the temple and offers fruits and flowers.” The God, thus spoke, “O Man! I am pleased with the person, who is fully devoted to his task and you have this virtue. 

Without being afraid of the flooding river, you came here to do your task. I, therefore, bless you with success in your life.” After saying this, God disappeared. It is true that those, who are devoted to their deeds with strong will power and true devotion, are successful in their lives. 

Short Story 2: Indication

Short Story Indication

When the man came into this world, his withdrawal was also decided on the same date by God with his agreement. He was pleased to know about going into a new body after relinquishing the old one. But, God knew that he would be possessed by the wish to remain as it is. Therefore, he said to him, “When your days in the world would be coming to an end. I’ll give indications to you so that you could be ready for the inevitable. 

The man lived in the world enduring pleasures and pains. He wanted to forget about his withdrawal from this world. But the pre-destined happened and he had to make his exit from this world. Irritatingly, he asked God, “You had promised me to give indications, but you took me out all of a sudden. 

“But I had given you indications.”


“many times, your eyesight became poor, your teeth started falling one by one, your hair grew grey, power to walk was taken away from your legs, apart from this what kind of indications did you expect from me?”

Short Story 3: Who is beautiful?


The famous philosopher, Socrates was not good to look at. One day, he was looking at his face in a mirror, when one of his disciples came and stood behind him. When he saw Socrates looking at his own images in the mirror, he smiled. When Socrates saw his disciple, he could understand the meaning of his smile.

He said to his disciple, “Looking at the mirror, I have realized my ugliness. I saw this so that I should not be left behind in any work for the betterment of the society. This covers my ugliness.” On hearing this, the disciple felt embarrassed. With bent head, he asked forgiveness and then hesitatingly asked him, “It means that handsome or beautiful persons need not look into the mirror.” Smiling Socrates said, “No, it is not like that. They should also look into the mirror. They must be reminded that they have to perform good deeds by their beauty. If they too, do wrong deeds, then what purpose their beauty would be of? A person should beautify his thoughts, as they reflect on his outward appearance also.”

Short Story 4: Most Important Task


Swami Vivekanand and his guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa were sitting together. Expressing his dear wish, Vivekananda said, “Guruji, I want to meditate and for that I would like to go to the caves of Himalayas and not to an ordinary place. In the seclusion of Himalaya, there will be no disturbance during the meditation and I will be able to concentrate on my meditation. Kindly advice me.”
Paramhansa smiled and said, “when you have already decided, then why are you asking for my advice?” 

Swami Vivekananda said, “Guruji, I am still at the threshold of my life. There is every likelihood of my taking a wrong decision. That is why I am seeking your guidance.” In reply, Paramhansa said, “If you so desire, then I must give you my advice. I would like to say that people of our area are suffering from starvation and various diseases. There is the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance all around. People, here are crying and you want to engross yourself in meditation and penance? Will your conscience accept it?” 

These words of Ramakrishna Paramhansa jolted the conscience of Swami Vivekananda. His vision transformed. Then and there, he took a vow to dedicate his life to the service of the poor and spread of education to dispel ignorance. He returned with the blessings of the Paramhansa and dedicated his whole life to the service of community. 

How do you find these inspirational short stories. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This good night short story will make you think - Who is a fool?

Read this short story at bed and let me know who is a fool!

Can you guess in this short story who is a fool?

Well they said, "He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever."

An illiterate villager had put up a stall of glass pieces in a village fair. Different kinds of glass pieces and glass ornaments were displayed at the stall. A jeweler had also come to the fair. A glass piece at the stall caught his attention. It was the most glittering piece of glass. Jeweler judged it to be a valuable diamond. But, he asked the shopkeeper, “Brother! What is the price of glass?” The shopkeeper replied, “Twenty cents.” Trying to negotiate, the jeweler put the price fifteen cents. But the shopkeeper did not agree to the price. The jeweler thought. “I’ll come a little later. Who will buy this piece and the shopkeeper would also be ready to sell it at fifteen cents.”

A little later, the jeweler returned to the shop. The diamond was not there. He asked the shopkeeper, “Where is that piece of glass?”  The shopkeeper replied, “I have sold it for twenty five rupees.” Beating the brow, the jeweler said, “O fool! You have sold a diamond worth one and a quarter thousands of dollars.”  The shopkeeper said, “I’m not a fool. I found that glass of piece on the road for free and I got twenty five cents for that. You knew it was quite valuable, still you stick to fifteen cents. Then who is the fool?”


Let me know who is fool in the comment box. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Good Night Story With Moral - Mystery of Lamps

A great good night story to read at bed

A thought provoking good night story

A rich person used to visit a temple daily, and he used to light a lamp filled with ghee. There was a poor man also, who used to keep a sesame oil lamp in a dark street. It so happened that both of them died on the same day. Both reached before Yamraj, the judge. After a short discussion, Yamraj gave the rich man with lower facilities and provided the poor man with facilities of a higher category.

Raising objection to Yamraj's ruling, the rich man said, "Sir, why this difference? I lighted pure ghee lamps in a temple whole life, whereas this man lighted lamps in the street and that too of oil."

Yamraj smiled and then spoke thoughtfully, "Importance of virtues is decided not by value but by the utility of work. The temple was already illuminated. This person lighted a dark place, which benefited a large number of the person. In fact, the lamp had utility; you only lighted the lamp to make your next world better for you."

Moral: Don't be selfish, focus on virtues that benefit others.

Share your thoughts on this story in comment box below.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good Night Story | Respect For Profession

Incredible Story To Read At Night 

Enjoy This Super Story At Bed

This incident took place in those days in France when rebels had been rioting in the cities. The Government was dealing with the rebels in its own way. The Army had been successful in suppressing rebellion to a large extent, but still, conditions in some cities were bad. Lithos was such a city, where the rebellion could not be suppressed fully.

As such, a staff officer, General Kastlen was sent there to control the situation. Kastlen was very harsh towards the rebels. He was a terror for rebels, and they disliked him very much. Among those rebels was a barber, who used to say, "The day, the General comes in front of me, I'll kill him." When Kastlen came to know about this, he decided to go to his shop alone. He went to barber's shop and asked him to shave him. The barber recognized General.

He was confused to see the General at his shop, and with shaking hands, he somehow managed to shave him. When the barber finished his job, Kastlen gave him money and said, "I gave you full opportunity to cut my throat. You had the razor in your hand, but you missed the opportunity." The barber replied, "Had I done this, it would have been a betrayal to my profession. My razor is for shaving the customers and not taking their lives. I, however, shall deal with you, when you are armed. But for now, you are my customer." Kastlen felt ashamed and went away. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Inspirational Short Story: Saint and Sadness


 A Short Inspirational Story of Saint and Sadness

One night a saint dream that an angel came to him with a list in his hand. He said, “This is a list of all those people who love God.” The saint said, “Even I love God. My name must be there in the list.” The angel replied.”No, your name is not there in the list.” The saint became sad and asked the angel, “Why is my name not there? I love not only God but also the poor people. I spend most of my time in the service of the poor. Whatever time is left, I spend in praying God.” Just then the saint woke up.

During the day also the saint was sad. When one of his disciples asked him the reason for being unhappy, the saint told him about his dream and said, “O Son, it seems there has been some lacking in my effort.” Next day the saint saw the same dream again. The same angel was standing before him with a paper in her hand. The saint asked him impolitely, “Why have you come to me now? I do not want anything from God.” The angel said, “You may not want anything from God, but God has faith in you. This time, I have another list.” The saint said, “Why have you come to me? Why don’t you go to people whose names are there in the list?

The angel said, “Your name is on the top list.” The saint was surprised and said, “Does this list also have the names of the people who love God?” The angel replied, “No, this is the list of all those whom God loves. There are many who love God, but God loves those who love the helpless. God does not love those who worship him with selfish motives.” Just then the Saint woke up.

Moral: God helps those who love themselves and God love those who help helpless.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Short Story: Time is Money

"An old man's advice to a rich man on importance of each and every second of time for self improvement and attaining perfection."

Once upon a time there was a rich man. Since inception of his business he was trying hard, all day long, to grow his business further. He was very ambitious, hard worker and had developed ‘never give up’ attitude in himself. Thus, he visited foreign countries and added new clients. With time, he had emerged as symbol for success. He had pleasing personality, was every inch a gentleman. He was kind but disciplined. He was very logical and was in habit of making any decision after considering and evaluating all facts and figures. He knew ins and outs of all affairs. This satisfied not only him but also people who came under influence of his decision.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A short thoughtful story on finding self confidence

self confidence

Self Confidence 

Samatpur was attacked by a king of another state. On seeing the huge army of enemy, the commander or Samatpur became dispirited. He told the king, “O Lord! The army of the enemy is very large and is well equipped with arms and ammunition. It would be better to have a treaty with him.”

When the Rajguru came to know about this, he said to the king, “Immediately remove the commander from his post. I myself shall lead the Army in his place." The king agreed to Rajguru’s advice. The enemy was camping a little far off. Seeing a temple on way, the Rajguru said, “First, we should seek the guidance of God as to who will win his war.” Then he tossed a coin in the air and said, “If this sign comes up, we shall win the war.” Fortunately, the coin showed the same side on falling on the ground. Considering it as Goddess’ blessing, the army of Samatpur fought valiantly and confidently won the war.

Everyone started saying that it was the blessings of the goddess that won the war. Om hearing this, the Rajguru smiled and then showed the coin to all. Its both sides were same. Then the Rajguru said, “It was not God’s grace, but the self-confidence that won the war.

Take away from this short thoughtful story 

Self confidence is energy that is already inside you. But sometimes it diminishes and lost completely when you do not believe in your own potentials. Believing in oneself is the key to stay motivated. If you say, yes I can do it or I can’t- you are right in both the cases. Having self confidence can boost your inner stamina, potential and risk taking capacity to accomplish any goal. In case whenever you feel like losing your confidence, quickly start believing in other force on which you can trust more than yourself. That strength is nothing but God. God is second name of self confidence. It is well said who help themselves, God helps them for sure. So to trust god is to trust self. Self confidence is nothing but doing your things with 100% dedication without worrying about result. Let the god worry about your result. If you already trust him there is no chance of failing. Because, god is almighty, god is confident.

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How do you keep yourself energetic and self-confident? Please share in comment box below. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughtful Story: Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

"Pursuit of happiness varies from one person to another. You might believe attainment of worldly treasures as path of happiness but in reality a true happiness is different from what you believe. The following thoughtful story is just a small effort to bring you the truth." 


A huge crowd gathered before Lord Vishnu. Sitting on His throne, the Lord was distributing wealth of the three worlds. He had vowed not to return any person empty- handed. He was liberally giving wealth and riches, offspring, power and luxuries, name and fame to the people. Goddess Lakshmi was worried over the emptying treasure of Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu’s heaven) and she immediately went to Lord Vishnu and clutching His hand, she said ,”O Lord! What are you doing? 

If you continue to give away the wealth so liberally, soon nothing will be left in the Vaikuntha. Thus, all our comfort will be lost.” With a slight smile Vishnu said,” There is no need to be worried about this. Our happiness will remain as ever, even if we give away all our wealth and riches.” Astonished Lakshmi asked,” How My Lord? You have given away everything.” 

Vishnu said,” Yes, even after giving all the things, we will be left with the most valuable treasure kinners, Vidyadharas (supernatural being attendant of Lord Shiva) and demons and it is safe with us. This is such a treasure, which creates wealth and riches on its own and if we lack this treasure, then there is no meaning to the wealth, riches, name and fame.” Lakshmi said,” Please Lord don’t talk in riddles. Tell me, what it is,” Vishnu said,” That treasure is contentment. Wealth, riches, power and luxuries have no meaning without contentment,” Lakshmi was satisfied with Vishnu’s advice and said, “Yes Lord you are right. Now I am care-free.”


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fate of a Miser: A Thoughtful Story

Fate of a Miser

There was a poor Brahmin. He wanted to marry off his daughter. He thought that money earned through his discourse would suffice. With this resolve, he started his discourses in the Lord Ram temple. He had thought that audience mat be there or not, but the Lord would listen to his narrations.

His narrations attracted only a few devotees. There was a very miser merchant. When he was making rounds of the temple, he heard some voice, coming from inside. It appeared two persons were discussing something. The merchant heard attentively. Lord was asking Hanumanji to arrange for hundred rupees for the Kanyadan (giving away one’s daughter in marriage) of Brahmin’s daughter. Hanumanji said,” Alright Lord! Arrangements will be made.” After hearing this dialogue, the merchant met the Brahmin at the end of the narration and asked him,” Are you getting money out of the discourses?” The Brahmin replied, “Not many devotees are coming to the discourses, as such I am not getting much money.” The merchant said,” Let us make a deal. I’ll give you fifty rupees, but you would hand over all the money collected during your discourse to me,” 

The Brahmin agreed to his condition. He thought that it was impossible to get such a huge amount during his discourses, but he would getting fifty rupees from the merchant. Fifty rupees were quite a hefty amount in those days. The merchant was thinking that as had been instructed by Lord Ram, Hanumanji would definitely arrange hundred rupees for the Brahmin. Greedy persons always think in terms of money. As such the dialogue between Lord Ram and Hanumanji didn’t evoke devotion within him; on the contrary he becomes greedier.

On conclusion of the discourses, the merchant came to the Brahmin. He had expected that the Brahmin must have received hundred rupees as offerings. The Brahmin informed him, “Offering today is quite low. I have received just 5-7 rupees, “The poor seth had on option. He had to part with fifty rupees and gave that amount to the Brahmin. He found, tables turned. The angry merchant went inside the temple and struck a blow to Hanumanji. As he struck the idol, his hand got stuck to it. He tried hard, but was unable to free his hand. Who can get free from Hanumanji’s grip! 

HE again heard the voice. He listened carefully. Lord Ram was asking Hanumanji,”Have you arranged for hundred rupees for the Brahmin?” Hanumanji replied, “My Lord! I have arranged for fifty rupees and for the balance fifty, I have merchant in my grip. He will be released only after paying fifty rupees.” The merchant thought, if people would see me in this condition, they would laugh at me and I will be dishonored, he cried.”Hanumanji! Please releases me. I promise to pay fifty rupees to the Brahmin.”Hanumanji released his hand. Merchant went to the Brahmin and gave him fifty rupees. 


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Opportunity: A Thoughtful Story


time waits for none

An exhibition was running in an art gallery. A number of paintings were the center of attraction for the viewers, but there was a painting which was attracting viewers in very large numbers. There was a figure in the painting, with the head fully covered with hair, but it was bald at the back of the head. It had wings to its feet.

Impressed with the painting, some viewers asked the painter standing nearby, “Who is the figure in the painting?” The painter replied, “This figure if opportunity.”

Viewers asked, “How do you know that opportunity looks like this?” The artist said, “Not only I, but many among you know this face of opportunity.” One of the viewers asked, “Why its face is covered?” The artist replied, “Most of us fail to recognize the opportunity present before them.” Then, another viewer said, “Why it has wings attached to its feet?” The artist explained, “The wings represent the mobility of the opportunity. Opportunity comes, but it vanishes within no time also. If you fail to grasp the opportunity at the right moment, then returns from your door itself.”

The third viewer eagerly spoke, “Then, why it is bald from the back of its head?” The artist smiled to hear the question and said, “Fleeting opportunity cannot be grabbed from behind. It has hair in front and you can take it with these hair and make use of it, but when opportunity is about to flee, you cannot grab it as it slips from your grip.” Viewers gathered there, were satisfied with the answers given by the artist. The artist had revealed the biggest truth of life through the painting. 

(Story taken from Evoking Awakening- collection of short motivational stories)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Mother’s Love: A Thoughtful Story

Thoughtful Story

Mother's Love
A trader came to the place of the King with two cows. Both the cows were healthy, beautiful and almost identical in their looks. The trader said to the King, "O Lord, these are mother and daughter and I do not know, which of these is mother and which is daughter, because there is not much difference between these two. I asked several persons, but they were unable to identify mother from daughter. Later, someone, told me that you have a very wise minister who would be able to satisfy my query. Kindly help me."

All the courtiers looked towards the minister. The minister left his seat and came near to the cows. He closely inspected both the cows, but was unable to decide as which of them is mother and which one is daughter. He was perplexed. He asked the trader for one day’s time to solve this riddle. He came to his house, but he was very much perturbed. His wife could realize that her husband is besieged with some problem. She wanted to know the reason for his anxiety and the minister told her about the trader’s query. His wife smiled and said, “Oh, such a simple thing. I’ll solve this problem.”

Next day, the minister took his wife to the place where cows were kept. Minister’s wife placed good food before both the cows. Within a few moments she was able to distinguish the mother from her daughter. “First cow gulped its food hurriedly and then started eating from other cow’s food, which gave it up for the first cow. Only a mother can do this. The second one is mother.” Everyone present, praised minister’s wife.

(Story taken from Evoking Awakening- collection of short motivational stories)

Fakir’s Advice: Peace or Prosperity? A Thoughtful Story

Thoughtful Stories

Once, a King suddenly fell ill. Royal doctors treated him, but he could not be cured. Incidentally, a Fakir from a far flung area came to his kingdom during the period. He paid a visit to the King. He said to the King, “O King! You are suffering from mental illness not a physical one.” The King agreed with the Fakir and said, “I am worried, tensed, depressed and frustrated all the time. This is my illness. Can you relieve me of this illness?”

The Fakir said, “O King, if you desire to be cured, then ask all your soldiers, councilors and ministers to find a successful person, who is also calm and sufficiently prosperous and bring him here. If you are able to find such a person, his touch would cure you of your disease and make you healthy.”

All the soldiers, councilors and ministers of the King returned empty handed. In spite of their best efforts, they were unable to find a person who could claim to be mentally satisfied.
Then, the Fakir said, “O King! I knew that it would be difficult to find a person, who is calm and also successful and prosperous. You cannot find a single person with all these virtues. Only one of these virtues could be attained.

O king! Now you decide what you want in your life? You want peace or prosperity? The path of peace will lead to God, whereas, the path of prosperity will bring you worldly pleasure and licentiousness. If you want to follow the path to God, you will have to renounce your love for wealth. If you want to tread the prosperity path, you will have to give up peace. Both these things cannot stay together.” The King decided to renounce the desire for wealth.

(Story taken from Evoking Awakening- collection of short motivational stories)


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