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Friday, February 3, 2017

How to know if you are going to quit and why?

Don't Quit, Try Again

Don't quit

 What does make you a quitter? Is there a way around to start over and get success?

Vince Lombardi said, Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Who are quitters?

Quitters are the one, who tried achieving a goal but quit before attaining their goal. 

And worst part.

They never tried again and left that task forever. 

And they said words with full of excuses.

It is shocking the world is dominated by quitters. Are you one of them?

But, why do people leave their job undone?

To figure out it, let’s do a reverse analysis. 

Which thing supported them to start a deal but missing now to reach them to a conclusion?


When there is motivation.

You are passionate.

You are active.

You are determined.

You are punctual.

You are a risk taker.

You try and retry till you succeed. 

And finally, you are a winner.

So it means, when people quit, they are no more motivated?


The drawback of motivation is that it doesn’t leave longer. Like any skill, you need to nourish and feed it with positive signs, the sooner and larger the better.

These positive signs are your improvement and growth and getting ahead towards your goal.

No matter how less your improvement is but you should keep trying and search for ways to improve your growth and should weed out your weaknesses and shortcomings with a positive approach. You should ask yourself, why you are not moving up, what is keeping you behind, what is you are missing out. You should identify your weakness and remove them, the sooner the better.

That said, No matter what happens, you should not quit rather retry with different methods. 
And then soon you see a positive sign.

A little improvement or growth.

And your motivation is increased with this little success. 

And then miracle happens-

You start working with double enthusiasm and Hercules’s spirit and work double or even triple than earlier.

You do make mistakes; sometimes you are down and unmotivated. But the downfall of you motivation should never reach to zero or you might quit.

But what if my motivation level reaches to zero?

Then start again, retry with a newer approach, soon you will get a positive sign to feed enough on motivation.

When you are motivated, other success factors automatically come to work, and you never quit and one day you win.

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