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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why do we fear death and why we shouldn't fear death?

fear of death

Why do we fear of death? Lowering Death Anxiety can help you reduce fear of dying  

Death is eternal and supreme truth of death-land so called earth. All religious and holy books claim that whosoever is born on earth will definitely die one day. But what dies is just mortal body and what lives forever is immortal soul. Having fear of mind triggers death anxiety and fear of death phobia is born inside our mind. And as a result we find it very hard to overcome fear of death.
But here in this post I am sharing a bitter truth based on Psycho-spiritual aspects of death that will turn your mind and you will start loving death!

Do you remember death?

No one wants to remember death. Death is an awful, negative activity which brings separation and sorrow in our life. But is it true? In fact, it is other way around, death is not the end, and it is just a beginning of a new life. A new journey of your soul in another vehicle called body.
Fear of death is so much stronger that we hate hearing or talking about death. A conversation between lovers tends to get hotter when either of them includes death in their dialogue. A mother can never think of her baby dead or a wife of her husband? In fact, nobody can easily accept death. We all are scared of death. So better we ignore and try to forget death. We keep our concentration away from it and start believing that everything is going to be right as if we are never going to die.

Lets reprogram our mind

People reprogramming their mind in this way tend to stay busy in their life and seek for happiness and contentment in their limited tenure on earth. But people who just can’t keep away with their mind thinking and revolving around this ugly truth tend to fall in depression caused by death anxiety. If I talk spiritually, none of the cases are good for us.

CASE 1: We forget death and do our routine work, but as we forget death, we start believing as if we are going to live forever, hence we indulge in those deeds which are incorrect, immoral and finally we are driven to the wrong way that ends to adversity.
Forgetting or neglecting the truth about dying is not the right way to live a true and happy life.
Let’s have a closer look at second case.

CASE 2: If we always keep our mind thinking about ways or incidents that can cause death, the fear of death will germinate and dominate our mind. This is the start of death anxiety and it can cause much more harm than the real death can cause to you.

When we are continuously scared of dying, fear of death silently creeps inside your mind & close your path to awakening and you are dead. We are dead because we don't live the life the way we need to live it. We tend to think, talk and live as if you are dead much earlier than actually you die. So this is worse case than one. But both the cases are not going to awaken us to do the deeds and live a life that is spiritually correct, prosperous and blissful.

Can we get out of fear of death, death anxiety and fear of dying?

Yes, It’s as simple as it is written.

Reprogram your thoughts, start believing and living these thoughts and you become what you want.

What best can we do about death?

We should neither forget it nor fear it.

Just remember death.

Gel up this bitter truth with sweet recipe of positive thoughts.

We are going to die one day, so better live a good, healthy and happier life by not indulging in any bad deeds. If we always remember death, we will never limit self to shortcuts that mostly lead to wrong ways to get quick fame and money by harming others. Never ever do wrong to others. When we say others it’s just not body, it’s also their mind, heart and soul.

The strength of nature is balancing each and everything. Start balancing thoughts about death. Just remember it, don’t fear it. It’s just the beginning of a new journey. Just in same way, the end of this blog post will pave my way for a new blog post. Let's Think Positive, Stay Healthy.  

Feel free to share your thoughts on fear of death in comment box below.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Understanding the realm of mind and its subjugation by thoughts

The foremost thing while controlling our mind is about coping with our own thoughts. The tighter we are on our thoughts the more slippery they become. Of course, based upon the type of thoughts, there are numerous realms of mind operating on specific types of thought processes at a time. But challenge comes in operating system of mind when thoughts from one realm start permeating into another realm and causing sparking and resonance, thereby disturbing the entire peace of mind.

Understanding the realm of mind and its subjugation by thoughts
The extent to which a human mind can think is limited to infinity so are the number of thoughts a human mind can perceive. But it is possible to classify the nature of thoughts, so it is easy to derive the type of realm based on the nature of thoughts. Therefore, there could be number of realms observed such as realms of fantasy, realms of affection, realms of reality, realms of sadness, realms of truth, realms of divine, realms of hatred etc.

A realm is simply an area or part of brain which contains thoughts. The realm gets its identity and type from the kind of thought it contains. Negative thoughts being heavy are stored in deeper realms of mind but they are reinforced and come into picture if induced by external negative thoughts that come to us from our surrounding environment. These negative thoughts are imbibed by different realms of mind and permeate from one realm to another until they reach at own kind of realm. Once they reach into their area they start subjugating the surrounding realms by replacing other thoughts with negative thoughts. Ultimately, it keeps increasing negativity in our mind and soon we totally become restless and peace less.

However a quick step to minimize the effect of negative thoughts is through the awareness of the entire system. Once we know and believe in this system of mind, we can start keeping an eye on our own thoughts. As per the universal law of happiness only positive thoughts are responsible for the permanent happiness and they should be the only desired thoughts that can be welcomed by any realms of mind. But if at any circumstance or situation, we watch that undesired negative thoughts are taking us, we can help the various realms of mind stay immune to undesired thoughts by putting the negative thoughts below the positive thoughts and then pushing them into their respective realms which are placed deep inside the mind to stay longer with positive thoughts.
This can be effective when we are influenced by some negative thoughts. We should try to mould our mind in a way that is resistive to negative thoughts. But how to stop getting affected from surrounding negativity?

Now we know the fact that how the system inside our mind works. With a positive approach and by practicing meditation we can easily control our mind and resist negativity to dwell inside the mind. In upcoming posts we will be diving into modern meditation techniques, which has been very useful so far in controlling our own thoughts.

Stay tuned, stay motivated! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Understanding mind to eradicate the fear

A beam of light focused on an object illuminates it. In the same way a human mind focused on at one thing gets the work done effortlessly. But a barrier for both light and mind causes darkness on the other side.

One of the greatest barriers that a brain faces is fear. Fear is a bad feeling in form of uncertainty, doubt for a living or non-living object, existing or non-existing event or situation. Fear can be about one thing or multiple things at the same point of time. Fear can dictates an individual or mass of people at once. Fear can be real or imaginary, true or false, near or far, static or mobile, but where does it stay?

It resides inside your brain and haunts you like anything. Understanding fear in depth requires first knowing your mind, understanding and accepting its nature and then taking appropriate actions to change it.

Understanding mind is not that easy as it seems to be. Self-evaluation, going to a psychotherapist, and judging your mind out of various actions and interpreting them to make a change in nature might not be easy for all. Therefore, we are bringing in here a new section that is totally dedicated to deeds that shall empower our mind and help us to have check on our thoughts and control our related actions.

Psycho spirituality is our next new section where we shall be talking about meditation and yoga related activities in detail. The amalgamation of two words ‘psycho’ and ‘spirituality’ will distinctively define the realms of mind and causes for it. Psychology can give scientific reasons that how mind is changed during a particular mental or psychological problem. It can talk about symptoms, medication and precautions. 

But why a particular thing is happening to a particular person only? Why one is feeling happy and other happier after getting same amount of money? Why fear for one is motivation for other? How to eradicate fear naturally? The root of causes for all these problems in our life actually lies in spirituality. 

But what is the need to bring these two distinctive subjects together? How an amalgamated concept will guide us in living a happier life? Answers for such other similar questions will be disclosed in upcoming posts.

Stay Motivated!

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