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Monday, July 10, 2017

Idea Generation to Successful Idea Implementation – A Neophyte’s Guide

Moving from idea generation to Idea implementation is akin to a journey from sparks to flame. This journey is only possible when an idea is strong enough to ignite a flame.  

Have an idea that ignites flame? | Image Courtsey: Shutterstock

In the present time of our lives, other’s thoughts and ideas affect us all. A lot of ideas fly through our mind each moment, but as soon as we think of implementing an idea, another one replaces it and we are left as naive. But still we must try to bounce back with an eclectic collection of ideas, cognizance of positive energy, and fanaticism of uncountable trials along with never give up attitude. Now time is to go for idea implementation, though, idea generation is as easy as blandishment of the person with good business acumen, but the implementation of the same is not a neophyte’s task.

Why people give up while implementing an idea? Some say idea generation is like dreaming while implementing that idea is like getting up from a sound sleep and acting for the same. By birth, we all are indolent and keep our interest on things which comfort us a lot. It is always our comfort zone, the practice of procrastination and negative attitude generated while failing in the very first attempt. The doctrine of success reveals the secret, that it was never docile to be successful while implementing an idea. Only those succeeded who kept on testing and experimenting.

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Yes, the secret of our all success, the secret of our entire life is the experiment. We tend to take our life as an experience. Our approach is that our learning is through our experience that means if we are not experiencing a particular thing we are not learning. But if we give up experiment how can we experience a particular thing? 

That means to experience also we should keep on experimenting the things. If we keep our trial as an experience it would lead to two implications: good experience and bad experience, which ultimately lead to happiness or sorrow in our mind and heart, thus very easily we could boost up or give up depending upon the implication of the experience which we had. The best thing in an experiment is that it gives us result in terms of yes or no. If it is yes it is ok else choose method two or three and so on but do not repeat the method, which was negative. This approach didn’t hurt us, even if we fail several times; it gives us yet another chance to implement our idea.

Ideas are everywhere, it is its implementation that makes a change | Image courtesy - Shutterstock 

In conclusion, it would be worth sharing here that it is logophobia (fear of study) and ergophobia (fear of work) that keep us away from experimentation. Thus one should come above these fears to keep on trying and trying. The day we are successful in implementing our best idea ever, that day we can say that our journey from spark to flame has been successfully traveled.

Do you agree? Please share your thoughts in comments.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Funday! Five things to do on a Sunday to change it into Funday

sunday funday
Turn your Sunday Into Funday

Five things to do on a Sunday to change it into Funday

Hey, World! Wassup, Hope you are making your day full out of Sunday. But let me know if you are sad on Sunday. It doesn’t look good when you make sad and gloomy faces on the day meant for fun, fun, and only fun. Below are the five things to do on a Sunday.

  1. Wait with bated breath for the Sunday
  2. Try to get a buzz out of a Sunday
  3. Start your Sunday with meditation and exercise
  4. Kill the will of anxiety on eve of Sunday
  5. Plan how to manage unplanned schedule for Sunday

1. Wait with bated breath for the Funday on Sunday

No matter how busy or engaged you are on weekdays, you always think of Sunday in mid of weekdays. This should be continued till you get into Sundays. The urge, desire, and temptation for Sunday should not be lost in between the hectic work schedules. Always remember, there will come a day of fun, pleasure, and relaxation after few days. Therefore, wait with bated breath for the Sunday, day after day, every day until you get Sunday Funday.

2. Try to get a buzz out of Sunday 

It is all about your achievements and accomplishments on every Sunday. Don’t ruin your Sunday under the pressure of regular workload, anxiety, despair and misery. Just for the sake of Sunday, for the time being, you should escalate these thoughts into weekdays. It is all about your power of positive thinking. Many people claim to have mood swings that in most cases typically divert feelings from positive to negative. But on Sunday, reprogram your mind and use mood swings to redirect your mind towards positive thoughts. Remember, your buzz out of Sunday should be a complete pack of fun, enjoyment, and entertainment.

3. Wanna have Funday? Kill the will of anxiety on eve of Sunday

Get rid of your pain and fear a day before Sunday to get a Funday

It is about your final action a day before Sunday. Killing the ill will of negativity and fear clears the way forward for a more relaxed and pleasurable Sunday. Anxiety is not more than a negative picture of imaginary things or events that we think in the present that might happen in future. Rubbing off the pictures of the futuristic false image from drawing-board of fragile mind can surely prepare us for having a relaxed and sound sleep and awake us in peace and pleasure on Sunday. 

4. Start your Sunday with meditation and exercise

Kick start your day with meditation and physical exercise that will rejuvenate and energize your positive thoughts. Each day is unique, but Sunday is marvelous! How can you afford to lose the abundant energy that you can get if you renounce your laziness? Come on, lazy bones, get up! Slake your thirst for happiness. 

5. Plan how to manage the unplanned, gloomy & sad Sunday

It is always better to plan your Sunday well in advance but in case you are sad and living in adversity; it is never too late to quickly change an annoying and sad Sunday into a Fun Day. An 18-Minute Plan for Managing your day would be quite helpful for you.

Here are few quick tips that you can use to make the best out of Sunday.

1. If you are a single person, away from your friends and feeling lonely, it is the best time to start researching on social psychology. Start reading some books or enriched blogs on human psychology. Identify the cause of loneliness. Why, How and When do we feel alone? What is the best way to distract your mind away from it? As soon as you slake the thirst of knowledge, you will realize that you have started keeping yourself busy in something that is engaging you and enriching your experience. Boom! Your feeling of loneliness has disappeared automatically and now you know a better reason to keep yourself busy and not to think those things which are not intended for you.

2. If you are not fond of reading things, you will naturally ignore the tip one. So here is the next tip. Start doing what you love or what you loved when you were not sad or lonely. There can be a range of things depending on your taste of interest, knowledge, and personality. If you are in deep pain and sorrow, tip two might not work for you.

3. If you are in deep, intense pain, your sorrow will forbid you from thinking positively and doing healthy things. People are living in such conditions rarely go for self-help unless they get some external support and affection from dear and near ones. So if you are the one who does feel that you are in pain and sorrow but still reading this blog post, should know and firmly believe that there is a tremendous amount of positive energy inside you. Now, just give a pause to reading this post and recall the person near and dear to you who needs your affection and support today? The friend who has been missed out by you. The person whom you haven’t call for many days. The people who were with you during your wrong time but are now lost in a maze or haven’t been in touch because you think they are very busy with their life and work. So if you are feeling low, here are 5 peculiar ways to quick start your day and move up in life.

A personal touch gives intense relief and joy

It is better to call or get in touch with them through any social media. The best would be giving them a surprise by personally meeting them. If you do so, you might feel happy and contended. Possibly, if you have a clean heart, by now you must have realized that this Sunday has already changed into a blissful day.

Hope these methods will help you change every Sunday into Funday.

How do you spend your Sunday? What things do you do on Sunday to change it into a Funday? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Life In Color: The time of our colorful lives.

Recently, I had a dream, that I was living in a monochromatic world, where everything and everyone was shades of red, I drank red water, ate red food and met red people with hair, eyes, and skin in red color. Thanks to red blood sucking, a small monster named mosquito that my dream was distracted and I was back to the multi-chromatic world. 

I am glad that it was just a dream as no one would like to live in a one-colored world, where one would go emotionless hence devoid of a meaningful life. A color is tied to emotions as well as being a physical reality, without colors life would be dull, dry like a wasteland, lacking affection and zeal. We are emotionally affected by the multi-chromatic physical world and also by the visualized colors of our inner world. Color intention and visualization, as well as seeing color with our physical eyes transmit distinct physiological, mental, and energetic information throughout our system. 
Life In Color: The time of our colorful lives.
Life In Color: Happy Holi

Till I knew the importance of colors, I used to think of colors, as a mean to distinguish things but it is the least one can expect from colors. A commendable use of color, which we could use, is to alter and drive our emotions towards new thoughts, which would ultimately lead to the attainment of higher goals in our life. There would have been no emotions if there were no colors. A quote by Roger Lewis “Take away the motion of light or color, and we would have no awareness at all of the appearance of matter” certainly fortifies this.

Now, this is the time of our colorful lives, where we are different from others of colors, in a festive season of colors, just colors. This time our language is color, which is silent but universal language. Without words and across differing cultures, color can be used for communication among people. Color holds information and transmits messages. Intuitively and instinctively, our positive thoughts pertaining to love, empathy, care, joy, revolutionary idea of bringing the change, brightness and high spirits among people around us can be easily depicted and transferred through a different aura of colors.

With this hope that you will enjoy this HOLI in all twelve colors, in a rainbow style to share happiness and vitality among all around us and make our life more colorful and cheerful, wish you a very Happy Holi.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Are you too addicted to kill Procrastination? Yes I am

Procrastination is a state of mind, a mental disorder. Yes, I will say a mental disorder because it starts inside your mind and ends in your mind. Strange!

Procrastination is an addiction that I have been practicing for years. Want in numbers? 5 years. Yes, it is for 5+ years that I delayed and postponed the things which I should have done earlier. And the worst guess what…. Still, I’m not done yet!

These are some running habits which show the sign of procrastination

There were days when I was fit and proactive, but now I am struggling to get the things back on the track.

But why Am I not doing the things which are most required….. This is coz

I’m not able to find which task is of high importance?

I’m not able to find which task is on top priority?

I’m not motivated, I will fail as I am not prepared yet, I’m not competent enough to start now, so I will start my task when everything is on track as I want. So better I will try later.

And worst, - I’m doing nothing to figure out both of them, I'm poor in time management.

But why I’m not doing, why I am not figuring out? Why I am not putting any efforts to find the ins and outs of the matter?

And slowly I figure out after a well-done self-introspection that I am actually addicted to procrastination.

Yes, Addicted to procrastination.

My Gosh, I am suffering from two mental disorders simultaneously… Addiction and procrastination

What is Addiction?  

Addiction is some kind of activity, habit or state of action in which you are excessively involved and keep on performing or indulge into it permanently and it may or may not be beneficial for you.
It is said, ‘anything bad or good done more than a limit always has a bad consequence.' And this gives birth to addiction. You stick to a goal, aim, habit or anything and do it in excess. And then it harms you and you know it, but still, you don’t let it go away. Then it becomes your addiction. Thus, the addiction is fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

How does addiction work?

When you are addicted your body adapts to the substance being used and gradually requires increased amounts to reproduce the effects originally produced by smaller doses. This is the case when you are addicted to any physical substance like a drug, caffeine, etc., But it works similarly when you are addicted to abstract or intangible things such as any habit or action, and in my case, this habit is nonetheless procrastination

Addiction works on pleasure principle. It invloves various chemical reactions inside the brain region which is particularly called brain's reward center. The below picture illustrates the process.

procrastination-an addiction to delay
Brain's Reward Center | Image Source 

So, what the hell is procrastination!

The action of delaying or postponing something. Yup, it is, I delay and sometimes postpone my tasks to final day just to find that I just have 5 hours to submit my work though I had 1 month or more to complete the task. This might be the worst case of procrastination for me. I’m still exploring the extreme case of procrastination. But I think it has already happened to me. Actually, I have delayed this article for more than 1 year and so. This might be the extreme procrastination for me. Anyway, what is the extreme procrastination for you?

Here are few other examples of worst procrastination random people practice frequently; you can read a few more similar stories here.

I get an examination proposition due at 10 AM (6 hours) as you began at 4 AM, yet most noticeably bad you understand are you got this task seven days prior.

Writing papers in the morning before school, going home to play computer games as opposed to considering et cetera. I don't have much shower as regularly as I ought to...

I am perusing this string while I ought to ponder for my bio exam that is coming in 3 hours

Tonight I needed to do a taping task for uni, and our gathering continued to get together 10 hours after the fact than arranged, then chose straight away to go get sustenance.

Unless somebody misses their uncle's burial service because of lingering, I thusly formally pronounce composing papers at 2 a.m. NOT hesitating.

Mostly, I hesitate on doing grown-up things, such as purchasing sustenance for myself or vacuuming. I'm the most exceedingly bad at placing gas in my auto. I'll hold up until I must choose between limited options in how far I can go to get gas, which is an issue since I work a twenty-minute road head out from where I live. I haven't had any terrible outcomes yet, yet it's as yet something that I don't really need to procrastinate on for any reason and still do.

Okay, now I know a lot about the procrastination but

How the hell I got procrastinated or why do people procrastinate?

Everyone has its own reason to procrastinate. Random people have random thoughts. What different thoughts trigger procrastination differs from one person to another. But there must be some mental phenomena going inside the brain that must be similar to everyone!

Here are few triggering thoughts as reasons which are seen almost in all procrastinators

1. “I don’t feel like doing it.” – lack of motivation
2. “But, I don’t know how” – skill deficits
3. “But, what If I can’t cut it?” – fear of failure
4. “How can I top this?” - fear of success can be the other side of fear of failure.
5. “This stuff is just plain boring.” – lack of interest
6. “You can’t make it.” - rebellion and resistance

So I am sure you must be affected with one of the six reasons to postpone your next assignment.
But, Why Am I addicted to this thought? Is there any tool to measure it and to what scale I am procrastinated?

Procrastination is a typical issue, but defining and measuring it is debatable. This paper summarizes results from students and employees (N = 2893) in Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Sweden using the Pure Procrastination Scale (PPS) and the Irrational Procrastination Scale (IPS; Steel, 2010)

Here are best findings which show occurrence of procrastination in us.
  • The occurrence of procrastination depends on personal and situational factors. 
  • On the one hand, procrastination relates to personality traits such as conscientiousness and impulsiveness (Steel, 2007). 
  • It also occurs more often in the context of mastery-goal orientation (Howell and Watson, 2007), and less in self-determined activities (Senécal et al., 2003). 
  • On the other hand, certain task characteristics and contextual factors bear a greater potential for procrastination than others, for example, high task complexity (Ackerman and Gross, 2005), and the absence of clear deadlines (Schraw et al., 2007). 
  • Also, procrastination often entails manifest negative consequences concerning objective well-being, for example, health-related or academic achievement-related consequences (Tice and Baumeister, 1997) and subjective well-being (Deniz, 2006; Klingsieck, 2013b). 
  • Research indicates that approximately one-fifth of the adult population regard themselves as having great difficulties initiating or completing tasks and commitments (Harriott and Ferrari, 1996) while at least half of the student population perceive procrastination as a recurrent and severe problem in their everyday life (Day et al., 2000). 
  • These findings show procrastination is linked to personal, situational and psychological factors. So it is again related to thoughts, changing mindset, attitude and thoughts can surely help combating procrastination.

Next, I’m going to share ways to combat procrastination. 

Procrastination thoughts are not less dangerous than suicidal thoughts. Eradicating these thoughts is the most penetrating approach to combat procrastination.

I’m doing following things against these thoughts to fight procrastination. Remember action is more important than mere thoughts. Self-help is the best help.

As said, Action speaks louder than wordshere we act
  1. “I don’t feel like doing it.” – But I will do it, so just do it
  2. “But, I don’t know how” – I will find my way once I start up, so just do it 
  3. “But, what If I can’t cut it?” – Then I’ll try again, but first I need to begin it, so just do it
  4. “How can I top this?” – It doesn’t matter, if I fail I will learn, then I will start over, so just do it
  5. “This stuff is just plain boring.” – So is the breathing but I’m living so I will put my hands on it, so just do it.
  6. “You can’t make it.” – Surely, I will make it, who the hell are you to predict my future, I can breathe so I can make it, so just do it.
These anti-thoughts against your procrastination thoughts will come quite handy if you strike as soon as these thoughts appear in your mind. Remember, You should be very quick and strike instantly after the first flash of negative thoughts. If you delay, there are high chances negative thoughts will produce a chain reaction and as a result, different sets of negative thoughts will be created in no time.

These thoughts are smart enough to collectively make up a story that has an unhappy ending or negative consequences. As soon as I say to myself, “But what If I can’t cut it?” I must strike with a positive set of thoughts i.e. “Then I’ll try again, but first I need to begin it, so just do it, ” but if I am slow to act, my mind be attacked by a different set of thoughts which can make up a story. This can be “If I will fail, people will laugh at me. They will say I am a failure, I can’t do anything in my life. My partner will break up with me. Parents will torture me and story goes on until we find bad ending.

It is very important to be quick and rinse negative thoughts with a positive mindset. 
I’m not good in attacking on procrastination. It was not possible for more than a year. But once, I admitted that I’m procrastinating, I started searching for ways to combat it as it has done much harm to me. But guess what, I was still procrastinating and this time I was procrastinating in finding ways how to kill procrastination.

Now I have found it is impossible to beat procrastination until you act. Action against the ill-thoughts of delaying or postponing is the key to kill procrastination. And if you want to eradicate it, just do the things as soon as you get them.


Positive Thoughts + Quick Action = Beat/Kill Procrastination 

Negative Thoughts + Delay in Action = Birth/Growth of Procrastination 

Are you still reading this article, now don’t think over, just do it. Yeah, you can do it.

Friday, February 3, 2017

How to know if you are going to quit and why?

Don't Quit, Try Again

Don't quit

 What does make you a quitter? Is there a way around to start over and get success?

Vince Lombardi said, Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Who are quitters?

Quitters are the one, who tried achieving a goal but quit before attaining their goal. 

And worst part.

They never tried again and left that task forever. 

And they said words with full of excuses.

It is shocking the world is dominated by quitters. Are you one of them?

But, why do people leave their job undone?

To figure out it, let’s do a reverse analysis. 

Which thing supported them to start a deal but missing now to reach them to a conclusion?


When there is motivation.

You are passionate.

You are active.

You are determined.

You are punctual.

You are a risk taker.

You try and retry till you succeed. 

And finally, you are a winner.

So it means, when people quit, they are no more motivated?


The drawback of motivation is that it doesn’t leave longer. Like any skill, you need to nourish and feed it with positive signs, the sooner and larger the better.

These positive signs are your improvement and growth and getting ahead towards your goal.

No matter how less your improvement is but you should keep trying and search for ways to improve your growth and should weed out your weaknesses and shortcomings with a positive approach. You should ask yourself, why you are not moving up, what is keeping you behind, what is you are missing out. You should identify your weakness and remove them, the sooner the better.

That said, No matter what happens, you should not quit rather retry with different methods. 
And then soon you see a positive sign.

A little improvement or growth.

And your motivation is increased with this little success. 

And then miracle happens-

You start working with double enthusiasm and Hercules’s spirit and work double or even triple than earlier.

You do make mistakes; sometimes you are down and unmotivated. But the downfall of you motivation should never reach to zero or you might quit.

But what if my motivation level reaches to zero?

Then start again, retry with a newer approach, soon you will get a positive sign to feed enough on motivation.

When you are motivated, other success factors automatically come to work, and you never quit and one day you win.

Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Ways to Enchant Your Professor: Psychological Tricks

Psychological Tricks

Maintaining a positive relationship with your professor is integral to your academic and social development process. While solely improving your relationship will not result in better outcomes, it will help you attain higher levels of achievements in contrast to students who showcase poor body language and negative behavior. Here’s how you can get in their good books:

1. Be Charismatic

So, you were able to write a good personal statement for college. Now, how do you impress your teachers? It’s no secret that charismatic people usually get want they want. Adopt an approachable body language and smile frequently. Additionally, you should work on your ability to hold a conversation with absolutely anybody, whether he/she is 4-year old or your middle-aged professor. The next time you ask a question in class, add a personal observation and remember to make eye contact. This helps you appear confident and is the first step towards getting someone to like you.

2. Give Them Validation

Did you know that most of our actions are simply the outcome of our need to get validated? The next time you are having a conversation with your professor, listen carefully and give them the validation they need by rephrasing whatever they said in your own words. Not only will you appear as a good listener but your professor will probably be more interested in talking to you the next time because you agree and pay attention to whatever they say.

3. Nod While You Talk

How do you get your teachers and professors to agree with what you say? Nodding while you talk is a manipulated way to get people to agree to you and is an excellent way to deliver a powerful message. Your professor is likely to mimic your behavior and nod back in agreement without even realizing it. Nodding subsequently signals the brain to agree with the viewer, giving you an edge in classroom discussions.

4. Take To Gain Trust

If you want to establish trust, take something from your professor, no matter how small. It could be a post-it or a pen. Not only will you get the opportunity to introduce yourself but your professor is likely to remember you the next time among the dozens of students in his/her class. Once they pass on something as minute as a pencil from their hands to yours, their brain registers it as an investment in you.

5. Fake It Till You Make It

It does not matter if you took help from a professional personal statement writers on your college admission essays. You are on your own now. College can be a difficult time but you cannot allow people to faze you. Try your best to appear confident and brush up on all your reading material. Sometimes giving your professor even a slight indication that you are proficient in the subject (even if you are not) will cause them to think of you as a better student.

You can browse the internet for online psychological help if you want to learn about more tricks to enchant your professor. It is imperative you remain persistent and work on your grades at the same time. How did you get into your professor’s good books? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

About The Author 

Isabel Bell is a content writer who works at personalstatementwriter. Her hobby is writing and reading books. Her life credo is “Better late than never”. She specializes in writing for educating resources, newspapers and blogs. Her main dream is to publish her own book and become a famous blogger.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 5 Actionable New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas to Which You Stick Effortlessly

Top-5-Actionable-New-Year-Resolution-Ideas-Which-You-Stick Effortlessly
New Year Resolutions For Self Improvement That Work Automatically

The fresh New Year 2017 resolution ideas for self-improvement 

A new year resolution is a promise to oneself that is made to get self-improvement over a period of time. New year resolution can be made by anyone. However, its craze is more often seen in students, between couples, boss and colleague and doctor and patient.  

New Year Resolution for self

When it comes to self, one is obvious to make a new year resolution in a form of promise bind to self. In this case, one is expected to be sincere and disciplined to self-promise to attain an ultimate result in the form a good habit. 

It is very easy to craft, choose and promise a new year resolution but it is harder to stick to it, In this post. I have 5 actionable new year resolution ideas that are easy to follow while giving you best results in the long term. 

Start practicing these new year resolutions from today 

1. Get Healthy and Fit 

Health is the best gift that you have got from god. Improve it, don’t ruin it. Getting obese and bulky is just not good for your health and appearance. Get a charm for yourself; impress the person in a mirror when you watch it alone. Alas! You are after everything but health. You have ruined your health with alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse. You are obese because you didn’t exercise regularly and missed yoga and gym frequently. You are sicker because you didn’t see your doctor on time and you were unorganized and still have poor living habits. But, Now is the year when you to make a New Year resolution and stick to it forever. So promise yourself, you will do everything to get healthy and keep fit. 

Identify your triggering force

Triggering force is your powerful why. Ask yourself, and recall the humiliating moments when you felt guilty of your shape.  When you fell ill and ruined your day and missed your office. Introspect and plan what you can do to avoid these weird moments in future. 

Embrace your motivation and never let it off you 

Motivation will encourage you to keep on moving. What you dream of achieving after regular health and fitness practices will motivate you enough to roll on. But, motivation is something perishes very soon and easily. So when you feel like losing motivation just recall your bitter days and leverage your triggering force (powerful why) and compel yourself to stick to your goals.  

2. Get organized 

Getting organized is a broader aspect of this resolution. It can be related to your punctuality, work habits, and even your intangible resources like thoughts. When it comes to getting punctual and work done on time is a daily challenge for almost everyone. Some are organized at work but not at home and some fight with mood swings and some procrastinates. Problems are indifferent but the root of the solution is one – get organized. 

Identify your triggering force 

Triggering force might be few of your situations, conditions, and circumstances when you felt guilty, embarrassed and pity on self just coz you were not organized. Recall and write down all such events as your powerful why. The most compelling reason why you should become organized and what you face when you are not.

The result of your New Year resolution should be your motivation

The moment you promise yourself to become organized, you do visualize how perfect and organized your life will become if you stick to the new year resolution. This expectation should be your motivation. Watch your thoughts and keep an eye on your action. Obey to your new year revolutionary idea and attain the result. Chase your dreams and never stop before you attain it. And this is the only your motivation. You have to get it. You can lie to anyone but not yourself. You promised on 1st January that you will get it, so now get it. There should be no other way around.

3. Live Life to the Fullest

Yes, you should live life to the fullest, “Ye Zindagi Milegi Na Dubara” because you will not get the same life again. If you believe in rebirth and reincarnation then also you will not get the same body, parents, and friends in next birth. So better enjoy, enjoy and enjoy each and every single second of your precious life. Life’s each day is virgin in nature and is lost when a day ends. No matter you enjoy your day or not, each day keeps on perishing at midnight daily. So it is wise to enjoy the lust of each day called ‘life’. 

Many of us feel depressed, stressed and lost in their own thoughts. For them, each day is same as any day. They don't even enjoy special days, festivals or new year etc or attend parties, make fun, dance or rejoice on any day just coz they keep on thinking and thinking and thinking…

For all those, I recommend that you should make a new year resolution today and stick on it forever. 

Motivation: To start living life to the fullest, you should start loving. Love is the only the reason we live. And it starts with yourself. First start loving yourself then fall in love with your partner. Start extracting happiness from small small things, coz this life is made of tiny moments. When you will start searching and extracting love, you will start caring. Caring is the second name of love and love is the second name of life. When you will start living your life by keeping your self-interest and happiness second and sacrificing your comfort for someone who you love, you will realize what true love is and at this moment you will learn to live your life to the fullest.

Triggering Force: Start with yourself.

First love yourself. Help yourself. Remember and always believe there’s someone who is sadder than you are. Who is more needy and helpless than you are. So prepare yourself to love such people. Start with yourself, because you need the most care and love at this time. Start showering such care and love onto yourself. Keep your eyes open and quickly pick those moments which make you happy. Sticking to this New Year Resolution Idea is one golden opportunity that you should quickly pick and embrace to make your life a lot better and happier. 

4. Learn New Hobbies

Making learning new hobbies. Start enjoying and getting real happiness in achieving your goals. A hobby can be anything as it varies from person to person. But thirst, passion, and zeal should be the goal which you should seek and add in your New Year resolutions list. This is because many of us start a learning new hobby but can stick on it for long. This is because we start experiencing a deficiency of zeal and passion in long term. Where there is no passion there is no fire. Where there is no fire you can’t rip your food. 

Result: you are still hungry or you compromise with other food and then say ah~ that food is not meant for me as it requires the very high temperature to cook. Now ask yourself, why there was no such high temperature. Was it was not because you hadn’t that fire in you or you extinguished it just coz you were not organized?  If such is your case then get organized New Year revolution idea is best for your self-improvement. 

5. Spend Less, Save More 

Well, it’s said to spend less and save more but I personally feel that you should spend as and when required and not spend on things which are unnecessary for us. At the same time, we should keep looking for white methods to make more money so we can spend more often when we require. It’s well said ‘satisfaction is the best wealth’ so practicing it we should practice good spending habits like spending as and only when required rather buying everything that catches our eye or vice versa. 
Because sometimes that is very impressive gets the attraction of our eyes and sometimes our eye catches things which are very impressive. But – 

Now you should ask yourself, “Do I really need to buy it at this time? Is it demand of need or demand for something else? Sometimes few objects can be utilized in future but not at the very same time when you are buying. So better to stick to rule ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. Don’t buy if there is no demand for need. 

This is a best New Year resolution for those who spend blindly. You can attain this resolution just by keeping a check on your thoughts and cross questioning yourself before spending.   

What's your new year resolution for the year 2017. Please share in the comment box below. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Time is now, If we can change now, it will change into wow


People who love to change themselves with time are termed as wise men. This is why their effulgence is not ephemeral but long lasting and full of life.

I would like to extol those members who have accepted as well as adapted the change, the change, which acts as a revolution to change our attitude and abandon bad habits. Though it doesn’t matter how big the change is but an iota of right change at right time with persistence can build a foundation for a big change. But we should not forget about being persistence because repetition is the key to master anything.

If we have made our mind to change and developed an emotional leverage to adapt the change, then it should be followed by repetition of our thoughts and action at regular interval of time. One should be very jovial while adapting and practicing these revolutionary changes or they would turn ephemeral.

"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.-Jean de La fontaine

An intrepid step with determination can leads us to that track, where persistence travels. Yes it requires a lot of energy, passion and will power to practice persistence. One should not be jejune physically, emotionally and psychologically or circumscribe self of sudden benevolent changes. If we are stuck yet and haven’t initiated to get changed, we should consider this very moment as antebellum to fight against our own old habits.

Time is now. Time is not to recede but to go forth like a benign warrior with a long lasting determination, passion and antipathy towards our old bad habits.

Thus together with determination, passion, persistence and emotional leverage we have got strong ability to get self-changed for a better and meaningful life.

We dream to change!

We can change!

We will change!



Friday, October 16, 2015

Feeling Low? 5 peculiar ways to quick start your day and move up in life.

1. Try to make funny faces!

 Try to make funny faces!

No matter how much sad or disappointed you are, start your each day by looking at yourself in the mirror then open your mouth big wide rectangular in shape, take out your tongue, make a circle in air, tease yourself and say aloud, I just don’t care how the things are today, I am just happy and live happier day by day.

2. Try folding a piece of paper more than 7 times!


Try folding a piece of paper more than 7 times!

Take A4 size paper and fold it in half, then repeat it for possible number of times, you will be surprised to know that you can’t fold a paper more than 7 times! Ah~ & what about your majestic life? You have been ruining it more than 7 times with your own dreadful thoughts. No more you have to do it now, just pass all your thoughts in this paper, fold all your anxiety, fear and depression – 7 times and throw it in dustbin. Take a deep breath, relax, smile and tap on your back- you just did a great job.

3. Keep tossing the coin until you get desired result.


Keep tossing the coin until you get desired result.


It is human nature to easily get restless and frustrated when things are not met in two or three attempts. This leads to depression; however trying till we succeed is the end result that pulls back smile on our face. It is good to get some small victories to motivate yourself to get back to higher goals.

4. Race with your (pet) dog


If you have a pet preferably a dog, it can be of great help to you. Pets not only demand care but also great affection from us. Dogs are sensitive enough to get an idea about our emotions how we are feeling and behaving at times. A dog if well trained for racing can give you a good competition. Just forget everything and race with your dog. If you’re going to win this race, a kind of confidence is built up that says to you, ‘my other misery is not bigger than me, I just keep pushing on.’ You can easily race it out by running faster to achieve your real goal of life.

5. Make fake call to yourself and pretend to talk to the most challenging person in a natural way.



Challenging person in our life could be anyone. It can be your life partner, friend, neighbor, or any relative. Bitter truth in corporate is that employee doesn’t quit its job, it quits its challenging person i.e. boss.

Being employee you may become angry, frustrated and impatience, but you will not dare to yell it out in front of your boss, because of self-respect and job security. But by making a fake call to yourself and pretending a hot talk with your boss, speaking out all your frustrations and anger, you can release out some amount of anxiety and pain and in return you may gain some relaxation and confidence to face a real live challenge.

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