Be A Motivator

Wondering what would be the idea behind inviting you to become a spry (active) motivator!

Well, it’s required. Need of hour is not only to get motivated but also motivate others along the way.

At present, our earth carries around 350 million people suffering from depression while this number is increasing at rate that could make it the second most disabling condition in the world by 2020, behind heart disease.

If you are physically disabled, you still have a chance to become differentally abled, but if you are depressed then you are mentally disabled. And remember, it is our mind that controls our body. Inactive mind leads to numbness.

Probably, you would be thinking “I am already depressed and unmotivated, how the hell can I motivate others and lead them to follow their inspiration? You must be kidding.”

Hmm, I can speak thousand of words on it, but if you are not convinced, it will be like beating around the bush.

But, Action speaks louder than words.

Here is the incident that inspired me to play with motivation.

There was a rickshaw puller, tall, dark and hardworking. He was not rich but contented. He always wore a natural smile on his face and had a positive attitude towards life.

not rich but contented
Once, he was looking for passengers at a crossroads. He waited for several hours but couldn’t find a single one. He yawned and closed his eyes for few seconds. And when he opened them, was shocked by seeing a hand almost touching his nose, extended by a young man standing by aside.

He asked raising his eyebrows, ‘what on the earth brings you here man!’

‘Begging, I am begging for my livelihood. I am physically disabled since childhood, so my parents left me forever after saying that the only way I can live on this earth is when people feed me.’

young beggar

‘It is sad, but I have a way around you can feed yourself.’

‘What’s that?’

‘You must be seeing very old aged beggars, weaker, leaner and more frustrated than you. At least, you can walk and raise your hand to ask for something from someone.’

‘Yes, I do. But how will I feed myself without begging from others?’

‘Don’t stop begging right now, just start giving half of your earnings to those old beggars, and watch their face when you are done.’

old beggar

After several weeks, they meet again at same place.

What Rickshaw puller found was not surprising to him but was as expected by him. The young man took his advice sincerely and followed it consistently. He felt immense contentment while studying face of old beggars that seemed more relaxed and joyous with his small offerings and unconditional services.

Soon, he realized that true happiness comes automatically, when you search for ways to make others truly happy. He got a powerful reason to beg harder as he was now focusing on few more old beggars. But, he was always falling short of materials gained from begging. Therefore, he paused for some days and introspected inside out. He identified his strength and followed his passion. After several attempts of trial and rejection, he got a job and started earning. Now, no more he was a beggar but was an inspiration for young beggars in locality. He started guiding lot of young beggars to work and earn money for themselves.

This incident so powerfully braces the reasons, that why you should stop worrying and start motivating people around you. It is based on the principle of simple physics viz. flow of energy from higher potential to lower potential.

In this case also, transformation in young beggar’s behavior was brought about by flow of motivational energy from higher body (potential) to lower body. Here Rickshaw Puller is at higher potential than beggar. So he is able to convince and motivate him.
So next time you are depressed and unmotivated, don’t get frustrated, just look around, there are always plenty of people, who are at lower motivational energy than you are. They too need motivation, love and care as you need. So go out, catch them, listen to them, try to solve their problems and motivate them and ask them to do the same to others. Soon you will feel contentment and immense pleasure out of what you are doing for people around you. You will feel yourself moving up to a higher potential. This energy will lead you to take better steps and all your depression will be gradually vanished.

Don’t Just Be A Motivator, Be The Spry Motivator.

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