Monday, July 10, 2017

Idea Generation to Successful Idea Implementation – A Neophyte’s Guide

Moving from idea generation to Idea implementation is akin to a journey from sparks to flame. This journey is only possible when an idea is strong enough to ignite a flame.  

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In the present time of our lives, other’s thoughts and ideas affect us all. A lot of ideas fly through our mind each moment, but as soon as we think of implementing an idea, another one replaces it and we are left as naive. But still we must try to bounce back with an eclectic collection of ideas, cognizance of positive energy, and fanaticism of uncountable trials along with never give up attitude. Now time is to go for idea implementation, though, idea generation is as easy as blandishment of the person with good business acumen, but the implementation of the same is not a neophyte’s task.

Why people give up while implementing an idea? Some say idea generation is like dreaming while implementing that idea is like getting up from a sound sleep and acting for the same. By birth, we all are indolent and keep our interest on things which comfort us a lot. It is always our comfort zone, the practice of procrastination and negative attitude generated while failing in the very first attempt. The doctrine of success reveals the secret, that it was never docile to be successful while implementing an idea. Only those succeeded who kept on testing and experimenting.

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Yes, the secret of our all success, the secret of our entire life is the experiment. We tend to take our life as an experience. Our approach is that our learning is through our experience that means if we are not experiencing a particular thing we are not learning. But if we give up experiment how can we experience a particular thing? 

That means to experience also we should keep on experimenting the things. If we keep our trial as an experience it would lead to two implications: good experience and bad experience, which ultimately lead to happiness or sorrow in our mind and heart, thus very easily we could boost up or give up depending upon the implication of the experience which we had. The best thing in an experiment is that it gives us result in terms of yes or no. If it is yes it is ok else choose method two or three and so on but do not repeat the method, which was negative. This approach didn’t hurt us, even if we fail several times; it gives us yet another chance to implement our idea.

Ideas are everywhere, it is its implementation that makes a change | Image courtesy - Shutterstock 

In conclusion, it would be worth sharing here that it is logophobia (fear of study) and ergophobia (fear of work) that keep us away from experimentation. Thus one should come above these fears to keep on trying and trying. The day we are successful in implementing our best idea ever, that day we can say that our journey from spark to flame has been successfully traveled.

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