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I'd been more motivated if I'd taken these top 3 [Free] motivation tests

Take Free Motivation Tests To Leverage Your Motivation Level 

Self Motivation Test with questionnaire, result, score interpretation, & tips to increase motivation level

Take The Motivation Test and Check If You Can Make The Jump at Present

In this post, I am sharing top 3 FREE sites where I took my self-motivation test. These tests provide scores interpretations and answers with explanations to all questions.

For most of the time, I am very determined and focused on my work. I complete my assignment till late night and yet go for a run daily. I attend meetings whole day and then go for dinner with my wife in the late evening. I have enough energy to do all that I am likely to do, that too on time.

But sometimes, in this busy life, it is normal to lose focus and deviate from our goals. This situation can last for a few days to few weeks and then I recover and get back to my normal routine.

Now, I say, "Yes, I got back my motivation" or "I am more motivated than before and now I CAN DO ANYTHING".

For most of the time, I am very conscious about my work that this should be done. BUT, sometimes, I speak to myself; I am not feeling like doing it. So the demand of situation is to do something on time, but we I not in a NEED of doing it.

For example, if you are an athlete. You have been in a regular practice for last six months. As you are having a national level tournament in next month. But before a month ago, you start losing your passion and dedication. Now you show sign of insincerity and lack of punctuality in your task. Soon you realize it is ironical that you want to improve your daily routine and get back on same track. But it is not coming with ease. You start procrastinating and delaying tasks. Deep down in your heart you know it is a 'do or die' situation for you. Still, you ignore most needed work as you're in an illusion it is needless. This is when you will fail a Need Test. Soon you notice that you have lost passion, energy, and motivation.

I hope this does not happen to me only. It must be happening to you also. At least for once, you must have felt this situation when 'you feel like not doing anything'. Don't you agree? Please let me know in comments.

Now, going ahead...

I face such situations in life but the worst part is I don't know how to cope up with these situations or what I should do. This is because I don't know why, how and to the what extent I am demotivated.

I'd been in the same situation if my friend hadn't helped me overcome my depression. He introduced me 3 sites he had researched himself to take self-motivation and Need test. These sites helped me a lot understanding my current motivational level. It also revealed motivational factors that trigger action and reaction in my thoughts and action. Ultimately, it is our action and result that confirms, if we are really motivated or just pretending to be motivated.

Well, now straightaway, I am sharing these sites with you. I am also sharing my personal experience and observations on these motivational resources. I am sure my review on these sites will give you a better guidance.

Here, we land on these sites, one by one.

1. Self-Motivation Quiz - Goal Setting Tools from

It says 
Take this interactive quiz to help you find out how self-motivated you are.

Image Source - 
Mindtools is my # 1 choice of for motivation test. It contains 12 motivation questionnaire against which we have to pick our best of five options. The best feature about this tool is instant score interpretation as it gives the sum of total score as soon as you complete the test along with Score Interpretation just below it. 

There are three slabs of score containing a range of scores. The higher we score, the better we are at our motivation level.  It is quite simple and straightforward and hence it makes this tool very effective and fast in translating one’s attitude into motivational behavior. As crispier, so merrier this tool is. 

According to mindtools, four factors are necessary to build the strongest levels of self-motivation:
  1. Self-confidence and self-efficacy.
  2. Positive thinking and positive thinking about the future.
  3. Focus and strong goals.
  4. A motivating environment.

2. What motivates you - Take the Motivation Test – Learn Yourself

It says 

Take our test to learn how you're motivated and then follow our 41 tips to reboot your levels of motivation.
Image Source - is my # 2 choice to take a free 5 minutes long motivation test. It contains sixty objective questions. The test is very simple, fast and effective. It claims to increase your productivity if you follow its 41 hacks to get seriously motivated.

Here are 41 hacks that you can help you switch from older habits to newer ones which are more effective in increasing motivation.

2. Become a Master 
3. Sprit, Rest, Sprint
4. Completely Immerse Yourself – Flow
5. Relax when Motivation Subsides
6. Financial Rewards Don’t Work!
7. Be an Optimist
8. Be Realistic Too
9. Specific Goals beat ‘Do Your Best’
10. Spend Your Willpower Wisely
12. Create a To Don’t List
13. Sign Multiple Motivation
14. Have a Backup Plan
15. Use the Energy Hack
16. Create a Rivalry
19. Understand Your Values and Personality 
20. Supercharge your Why’s
21. Positive Self Talk  Works- But Choose Carefully 
22. Make it Easy
23. Take Control – Be your Own Boss
24. Get the Motivation App 
25. Eliminate Doubt 
26. Don’t Share Your Goal!
27. Be Impartial and Leave Ego Behind 
28. Let Failure Make you Stronger 
30. Get Real
31. Deadlines Work 
32. Live the Alternative
33. The Right Kind of Criticism Helps
34. Sleep Efficiently
35. Get enough Vitamin D
37. Don’t eat too much or too little 
38. Exercise Aerobically 
39. Practice Mindfulness Mediation
40. Evaluate your Friendship 
41. Music Motivates 

3. Motivation & Needs Test | Psychology Today

It says
Take the Motivation & Needs Test for a good look at your motivation and hierarchy of needs; get motivation.
An image from the Motivation Test at 

Motivation and Need Test falls # 3 on my list. It provides evaluation report with graph and paid detailed interpretation. The test is 30 minutes long with 194 tiny questions. The test is longest of all 3 tools I mentioned here. I noticed 194 questions started creating a confusion and boredom in my mind by the time I reached at the end of questions. 

However, this process of a test is a result of study and deep research in the field of psychology and motivation. claims to provide the best results for self-motivation test and hence it is paid. It is worth taking this test if you really want to taste a real essence of psychological test. 

Take action right away. It is important to address our weakness and overcome it as soon as possible. Keep your spark alive. Keep rolling on. Take the test and feel free to share your high thoughts with me in comments below.


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