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Idubbz define 'I have crippling depression' meaning and its symptoms with meme & gifs

It is woosh to watch how Idubbz set definition of crippling depression with creativity at its best. It's vine symptom if we are number one but we have crippling depression. [Must Watch Video]

Yeah, I have crippling depression

Most of the times when I curiously surf the internet, I usually login Facebook. At midnight, when I tap my thumb on my smartphone, a bunch of FB feeds switch my face expressions from a curved lip to straight one to mouth wide open to dumb. And soon, the random feelings of anxiety and depression slowly creep into my mind. And then as soon as I realize it, at speed of a blink of eye, I switch to my favorite Youtube channel show - Idubbz

And then I yell as loud as I can

I have crippling depression, woosh you have crippling depression, Admit it, 'we are number one but we have crippling depression

And the show goes on

I enjoy watching crippling depression meme by Idubbz at least once per night. I love exploring other gifs, meme and funny pictures related to it but I have not yet found as entertaining and tantalizing as Idubbz is.

I have been watching this show for longer but understood crippling definition in a better way when I did my research and asked myself following question

What is Crippling Depression

Crippling Depression is a severe case of clinical depression when you are unable to perform basic Activities of Daily Living. (ADL). Crippling depression symptoms are not seen at once rather it is a long and slow process. In this case, you gradually lose your interest, capability and thinking power when you remain depressed for a long time.

Symptoms of Crippling Depression

In my last crippling depression post, I mentioned about the case of Monica Rogers, She revealed following signs of crippling depression

  1. Inability to perform basic personal hygiene
  2. Difficulty in thought processing and making decisions
  3. Appetite and Weight Change
  4. Loss of interest and quick mood swing
  5. Feeling of hopelessness, negativity, and failure
  6. Stroke of stress and anxiety and depression
  7. In worst case - people attempt suicide

How to combat Crippling Depression

While friends can be vital and play an important role in releasing critical depression via Talk Therapy, it is also recommended to get help yourself or help yourself - as we sprymotivators speak aloud - self-help is the best help.

Idubbz is already doing great work to help you release depression with patent 'I have crippling depression' meme and gifs

Here, we are sharing few images, gifs, and meme which can entertain you and leave a curve on your lip.

I have crippling depression Images


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I have crippling depression Gifs


I have crippling depression Meme Idubbz Youtube Video

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