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Is it too late to make a U-turn and escape from suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety?


Suicidal thoughts evolved of depression and anxiety

Suicidal thoughts evolved of depression and anxieties are more prevalent these days than any time in history. We are blindly followed by our thoughts that end up with anxiety and depression.  These thoughts are akin to slope and paths from the treacherous song by Taylor Swift. Here it says, ‘This slope is treacherous, this path is reckless.’ It is interesting to note how it defines love and adversities of a heart. The same applies for our mind also esp. our thoughts – the building blocks of our mind. A mind is the same kind what its constituents are made of. Thus, a mind with suicidal thoughts is a suicidal mind.

How to overcome depression and anxiety

The increase in the number of death owing to suicide caused due to anxiety and depression is increasing like a fire in a jungle. Since a couple of years, it’s been highest ever. People are ending their own life as if they have changed into a Zombie. A Zombie is one that is made when killed by a person infected by the bite of another zombie, which was made from the bite of yet another infected person and so on.

All you need to know about crippling depression

Suicidal thoughts are contagious 

Same is the case with suicidal thoughts. A suicidal thought is Zombie here. A suicidal thought is contagious and when another thought comes in its influence it also gets infected and it continues till all connected thoughts and mind is suicidal. But a question stand tall still is ‘Is it really very hard to make a U-turn and change the direction that leads to suicidal thoughts?”


Normal thoughts infected by negative thoughts become suicidal and dilute other thoughts further.
In the movie, Train to Busan, we see how people change their direction as quickly as they see any Zombie. Thus, we learn that moving into a positive direction is the key to escape a suicide. Only positive attitude and thoughts can help anyone gets rid of negative thoughts and save the ones from a suicide.

But for some, it becomes too late to make a U-turn and escape from suicidal thoughts because they are already bitten by a Zombie and there is 100% possible danger for them to get infected sooner or later. So, they just leave their companions half way and make room for them to escape from themselves else they might harm them.

In most of the suicidal cases, a victim is confused and asks several questions herself and in answers, victim imagines and builds stories with consequences having negative endings and shallow base. At the end, only one question is left in her mind. ‘What her parents, friends or dear one will think of her?’ I’m such a failure as I can’t make my parents happy, I’m a foolish person, my husband cheated on me. Now, who should I live for? He was my life but no more he loves me. Better, I die and so on...

Alas! Most of the time in between the pity thoughts and suicidal action there comes no one to whisper in her ear, “Hey it is just a matter of time. Time changes and heals everything as it passes, It gives a second chance to everyone. It will give a second chance to you. Believe in life. Live, Don’t Die”.

Wish someone could yell loud enough to reach the voice in her ears.

Life gives a second chance to everyone. Just hold on! Live for some more time, sooner or later, you will bounce back and become happy.

But most of the time when they commit suicide there is no one around to speak the healing truth. It is more of care, a precautious initiative by dear one to escape a suicide.

What about our very own negative thoughts that constantly kill our positivity and hope for life?
There is an increase in depression across the world in people of almost of all age group but more prevalent in teenagers and as young as 20-35 years old people.

Depression in itself is a very contemporary topic and its consequences are detrimental. Yet it is shocking we are doing least to combat it.

A poor, lazy lifestyle and absence of a direction or motive in life often give birth to depression. The more you age without expected results the more you tend to get depressed. This is a reason for the increase in suicides in students and it is increasing day by day.

Good Parenting and Counseling can help reduce anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts

Counseling can help reduce anxiety

At teenage, they are not given right guidance and direction is not set. At a sudden when they are asked to do wonder, for which they think they are incapable of, or when they fail to do so, they tend to commit suicide.

Meditation and a genuine prayer help fight anxiety and suicidal thoughts 

Though it is due to extreme pressure, expectation and social criticism but somewhere a poor parenting, lack of raising a child mentally strong, firm and adaptable to any culture and consequences. All this could be attained with proper guidance, caring, and meditation.

Prayers and Vedic rituals have spiritual importance

Meditation, Prayers and Vedic rituals have spiritual importance and measures to combat negative thoughts and depression. One cannot deny it. The need of the hour is to identify the spiritual, psychological, physical and social need of a child and build an all round strong personality which can bear the stroke, pressure, and threat of modern society. This is only possible when parents themselves start practicing and implementing these ideas.

For sure, their world can change. It is time to promise, “I am the world’s first person. So change starts from me. I can change. I will change and then I will make a change.” It’s your turn now. Go make a change.

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