Sunday, March 12, 2017

Life In Color: The time of our colorful lives.

Recently, I had a dream, that I was living in a monochromatic world, where everything and everyone was shades of red, I drank red water, ate red food and met red people with hair, eyes, and skin in red color. Thanks to red blood sucking, a small monster named mosquito that my dream was distracted and I was back to the multi-chromatic world. 

I am glad that it was just a dream as no one would like to live in a one-colored world, where one would go emotionless hence devoid of a meaningful life. A color is tied to emotions as well as being a physical reality, without colors life would be dull, dry like a wasteland, lacking affection and zeal. We are emotionally affected by the multi-chromatic physical world and also by the visualized colors of our inner world. Color intention and visualization, as well as seeing color with our physical eyes transmit distinct physiological, mental, and energetic information throughout our system. 
Life In Color: The time of our colorful lives.
Life In Color: Happy Holi

Till I knew the importance of colors, I used to think of colors, as a mean to distinguish things but it is the least one can expect from colors. A commendable use of color, which we could use, is to alter and drive our emotions towards new thoughts, which would ultimately lead to the attainment of higher goals in our life. There would have been no emotions if there were no colors. A quote by Roger Lewis “Take away the motion of light or color, and we would have no awareness at all of the appearance of matter” certainly fortifies this.

Now, this is the time of our colorful lives, where we are different from others of colors, in a festive season of colors, just colors. This time our language is color, which is silent but universal language. Without words and across differing cultures, color can be used for communication among people. Color holds information and transmits messages. Intuitively and instinctively, our positive thoughts pertaining to love, empathy, care, joy, revolutionary idea of bringing the change, brightness and high spirits among people around us can be easily depicted and transferred through a different aura of colors.

With this hope that you will enjoy this HOLI in all twelve colors, in a rainbow style to share happiness and vitality among all around us and make our life more colorful and cheerful, wish you a very Happy Holi.


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