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Top 5 Actionable New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas to Which You Stick Effortlessly

Top-5-Actionable-New-Year-Resolution-Ideas-Which-You-Stick Effortlessly
New Year Resolutions For Self Improvement That Work Automatically

The fresh New Year 2017 resolution ideas for self-improvement 

A new year resolution is a promise to oneself that is made to get self-improvement over a period of time. New year resolution can be made by anyone. However, its craze is more often seen in students, between couples, boss and colleague and doctor and patient.  

New Year Resolution for self

When it comes to self, one is obvious to make a new year resolution in a form of promise bind to self. In this case, one is expected to be sincere and disciplined to self-promise to attain an ultimate result in the form a good habit. 

It is very easy to craft, choose and promise a new year resolution but it is harder to stick to it, In this post. I have 5 actionable new year resolution ideas that are easy to follow while giving you best results in the long term. 

Start practicing these new year resolutions from today 

1. Get Healthy and Fit 

Health is the best gift that you have got from god. Improve it, don’t ruin it. Getting obese and bulky is just not good for your health and appearance. Get a charm for yourself; impress the person in a mirror when you watch it alone. Alas! You are after everything but health. You have ruined your health with alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse. You are obese because you didn’t exercise regularly and missed yoga and gym frequently. You are sicker because you didn’t see your doctor on time and you were unorganized and still have poor living habits. But, Now is the year when you to make a New Year resolution and stick to it forever. So promise yourself, you will do everything to get healthy and keep fit. 

Identify your triggering force

Triggering force is your powerful why. Ask yourself, and recall the humiliating moments when you felt guilty of your shape.  When you fell ill and ruined your day and missed your office. Introspect and plan what you can do to avoid these weird moments in future. 

Embrace your motivation and never let it off you 

Motivation will encourage you to keep on moving. What you dream of achieving after regular health and fitness practices will motivate you enough to roll on. But, motivation is something perishes very soon and easily. So when you feel like losing motivation just recall your bitter days and leverage your triggering force (powerful why) and compel yourself to stick to your goals.  

2. Get organized 

Getting organized is a broader aspect of this resolution. It can be related to your punctuality, work habits, and even your intangible resources like thoughts. When it comes to getting punctual and work done on time is a daily challenge for almost everyone. Some are organized at work but not at home and some fight with mood swings and some procrastinates. Problems are indifferent but the root of the solution is one – get organized. 

Identify your triggering force 

Triggering force might be few of your situations, conditions, and circumstances when you felt guilty, embarrassed and pity on self just coz you were not organized. Recall and write down all such events as your powerful why. The most compelling reason why you should become organized and what you face when you are not.

The result of your New Year resolution should be your motivation

The moment you promise yourself to become organized, you do visualize how perfect and organized your life will become if you stick to the new year resolution. This expectation should be your motivation. Watch your thoughts and keep an eye on your action. Obey to your new year revolutionary idea and attain the result. Chase your dreams and never stop before you attain it. And this is the only your motivation. You have to get it. You can lie to anyone but not yourself. You promised on 1st January that you will get it, so now get it. There should be no other way around.

3. Live Life to the Fullest

Yes, you should live life to the fullest, “Ye Zindagi Milegi Na Dubara” because you will not get the same life again. If you believe in rebirth and reincarnation then also you will not get the same body, parents, and friends in next birth. So better enjoy, enjoy and enjoy each and every single second of your precious life. Life’s each day is virgin in nature and is lost when a day ends. No matter you enjoy your day or not, each day keeps on perishing at midnight daily. So it is wise to enjoy the lust of each day called ‘life’. 

Many of us feel depressed, stressed and lost in their own thoughts. For them, each day is same as any day. They don't even enjoy special days, festivals or new year etc or attend parties, make fun, dance or rejoice on any day just coz they keep on thinking and thinking and thinking…

For all those, I recommend that you should make a new year resolution today and stick on it forever. 

Motivation: To start living life to the fullest, you should start loving. Love is the only the reason we live. And it starts with yourself. First start loving yourself then fall in love with your partner. Start extracting happiness from small small things, coz this life is made of tiny moments. When you will start searching and extracting love, you will start caring. Caring is the second name of love and love is the second name of life. When you will start living your life by keeping your self-interest and happiness second and sacrificing your comfort for someone who you love, you will realize what true love is and at this moment you will learn to live your life to the fullest.

Triggering Force: Start with yourself.

First love yourself. Help yourself. Remember and always believe there’s someone who is sadder than you are. Who is more needy and helpless than you are. So prepare yourself to love such people. Start with yourself, because you need the most care and love at this time. Start showering such care and love onto yourself. Keep your eyes open and quickly pick those moments which make you happy. Sticking to this New Year Resolution Idea is one golden opportunity that you should quickly pick and embrace to make your life a lot better and happier. 

4. Learn New Hobbies

Making learning new hobbies. Start enjoying and getting real happiness in achieving your goals. A hobby can be anything as it varies from person to person. But thirst, passion, and zeal should be the goal which you should seek and add in your New Year resolutions list. This is because many of us start a learning new hobby but can stick on it for long. This is because we start experiencing a deficiency of zeal and passion in long term. Where there is no passion there is no fire. Where there is no fire you can’t rip your food. 

Result: you are still hungry or you compromise with other food and then say ah~ that food is not meant for me as it requires the very high temperature to cook. Now ask yourself, why there was no such high temperature. Was it was not because you hadn’t that fire in you or you extinguished it just coz you were not organized?  If such is your case then get organized New Year revolution idea is best for your self-improvement. 

5. Spend Less, Save More 

Well, it’s said to spend less and save more but I personally feel that you should spend as and when required and not spend on things which are unnecessary for us. At the same time, we should keep looking for white methods to make more money so we can spend more often when we require. It’s well said ‘satisfaction is the best wealth’ so practicing it we should practice good spending habits like spending as and only when required rather buying everything that catches our eye or vice versa. 
Because sometimes that is very impressive gets the attraction of our eyes and sometimes our eye catches things which are very impressive. But – 

Now you should ask yourself, “Do I really need to buy it at this time? Is it demand of need or demand for something else? Sometimes few objects can be utilized in future but not at the very same time when you are buying. So better to stick to rule ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. Don’t buy if there is no demand for need. 

This is a best New Year resolution for those who spend blindly. You can attain this resolution just by keeping a check on your thoughts and cross questioning yourself before spending.   

What's your new year resolution for the year 2017. Please share in the comment box below. 


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