Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Inspirational Short Story: Saint and Sadness


 A Short Inspirational Story of Saint and Sadness

One night a saint dream that an angel came to him with a list in his hand. He said, “This is a list of all those people who love God.” The saint said, “Even I love God. My name must be there in the list.” The angel replied.”No, your name is not there in the list.” The saint became sad and asked the angel, “Why is my name not there? I love not only God but also the poor people. I spend most of my time in the service of the poor. Whatever time is left, I spend in praying God.” Just then the saint woke up.

During the day also the saint was sad. When one of his disciples asked him the reason for being unhappy, the saint told him about his dream and said, “O Son, it seems there has been some lacking in my effort.” Next day the saint saw the same dream again. The same angel was standing before him with a paper in her hand. The saint asked him impolitely, “Why have you come to me now? I do not want anything from God.” The angel said, “You may not want anything from God, but God has faith in you. This time, I have another list.” The saint said, “Why have you come to me? Why don’t you go to people whose names are there in the list?

The angel said, “Your name is on the top list.” The saint was surprised and said, “Does this list also have the names of the people who love God?” The angel replied, “No, this is the list of all those whom God loves. There are many who love God, but God loves those who love the helpless. God does not love those who worship him with selfish motives.” Just then the Saint woke up.

Moral: God helps those who love themselves and God love those who help helpless.

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