Friday, January 27, 2017

Good Night Story With Moral - Mystery of Lamps

A great good night story to read at bed

A thought provoking good night story

A rich person used to visit a temple daily, and he used to light a lamp filled with ghee. There was a poor man also, who used to keep a sesame oil lamp in a dark street. It so happened that both of them died on the same day. Both reached before Yamraj, the judge. After a short discussion, Yamraj gave the rich man with lower facilities and provided the poor man with facilities of a higher category.

Raising objection to Yamraj's ruling, the rich man said, "Sir, why this difference? I lighted pure ghee lamps in a temple whole life, whereas this man lighted lamps in the street and that too of oil."

Yamraj smiled and then spoke thoughtfully, "Importance of virtues is decided not by value but by the utility of work. The temple was already illuminated. This person lighted a dark place, which benefited a large number of the person. In fact, the lamp had utility; you only lighted the lamp to make your next world better for you."

Moral: Don't be selfish, focus on virtues that benefit others.

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