Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good Night Story | Respect For Profession

Incredible Story To Read At Night 

Enjoy This Super Story At Bed

This incident took place in those days in France when rebels had been rioting in the cities. The Government was dealing with the rebels in its own way. The Army had been successful in suppressing rebellion to a large extent, but still, conditions in some cities were bad. Lithos was such a city, where the rebellion could not be suppressed fully.

As such, a staff officer, General Kastlen was sent there to control the situation. Kastlen was very harsh towards the rebels. He was a terror for rebels, and they disliked him very much. Among those rebels was a barber, who used to say, "The day, the General comes in front of me, I'll kill him." When Kastlen came to know about this, he decided to go to his shop alone. He went to barber's shop and asked him to shave him. The barber recognized General.

He was confused to see the General at his shop, and with shaking hands, he somehow managed to shave him. When the barber finished his job, Kastlen gave him money and said, "I gave you full opportunity to cut my throat. You had the razor in your hand, but you missed the opportunity." The barber replied, "Had I done this, it would have been a betrayal to my profession. My razor is for shaving the customers and not taking their lives. I, however, shall deal with you, when you are armed. But for now, you are my customer." Kastlen felt ashamed and went away. 


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