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All you need to know to fight crippling depression


As per Urban Dictionary, the top definition of crippling depression is “Severe depression that takes over your whole life making unbearable to carry out basic daily tasks. That means Crippling Depression is the worst stage of depression. Only the saddest people have this sickness.

Crippling Depression is a severe case when you are unable to perform basic Activities of Daily Living. (ADL). Crippling depression symptoms are not seen at once rather it is a long and slow process. In this case, you gradually lose your interest, capability and thinking power when you remain depressed for a long time.

Monica Rogers, who dealt with depression for nearly 20 years shared how she experienced when her depression was at the peak.

She couldn’t make her get out of bed, perform basic personal hygiene, she couldn’t think and make decisions because of it, she even lost her job. Feeling of hopelessness, negativity and failure always dominated her mind. She was in such an adverse mental pain that she even attempted suicide as she thought things were never going to be right. Everything seemed impossible, a stroke of stress and anxiety was common every day, and worst happened when she isolated herself from everyone and everything.
According to Monica, if you wish to help your depressed friend, the best you can do is listen to him/her.

I have crippling depression and how can I combat it?

If you think you are suffering from crippling depression, you have already started your fight against depression. Yes, knowing and accepting depression is an important and crucial part in combating depression. As many people don’t accept the truth easily that they are depressed or suffering from a mental illness. Depression is a real mental illness of serious mood disorder.

Here are some signs and symptoms of depression

If you find you are experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms for at least 14 days, there are chances you are suffering from depression.

1. Feeling of sadness, anxiety and hollow mood consistently
2. Hopelessness, negativity and failure thoughts
3. Feeling of worthlessness, guilt, and helplessness
4. Decreased energy, fatigue, and slowness
5. Loss of interest and quick mood swing
6. Oversleeping, difficult sleeping,
7. Appetite and Weight Change
8. Suicidal thoughts and attempts

These are some very common signs and symptoms of depression that can help you in the self-diagnosis of depression. If you find yourself diagnosed with depression, there is no need to panic. Depression is just an illness and like any illness it does has a cure. But what is most required from a depressed person is first to embrace a positive attitude towards self and life. Embracing positivity is an essential and most required ingredient of all medicines that you need to take during medication of depression. If you have a positive attitude then the half of the treatment is already done, now half will be done with the help of friend, doctor, and therapy.

Friends can act as a first aid in curing a friend’s depression if they have a good listening skill. All that they have to do is to hear a depressed friend as much as possible. Friends provide an emotional support and stand by him to give strength to stay strong in a fight against depression. As per National Institute of Mental Health, it is also called ‘Talk Therapy’ or Psychotherapy which can be further divided into three types.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – It helps in changing negative thinking. It is thought oriented.

Interpersonal Therapy – It helps in changing behaviors. It is action oriented.

Problem Solving Therapy – It helps in overcoming stressful life experiences of life involving stress, mood swings and anxiety. It is both thought and action oriented.

If you are suffering from 'crippling depression' - the worst stage of clinical depression, it is recommend seeing a good doctor and going for medication post counseling. As we know in critical cases of depression, the suicidal thoughts and attempts are very frequent and obvious. If you or your friend experiences such thoughts and has attempted suicide even for once, then it would be perfect to visit Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help.

It is always good to check with your doctor before taking any medical advice that you hear from your dear one.

Have you ever been depressed? How did you fight depression? Share your experience in the comment box.

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