Friday, November 11, 2016

Take away from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Inspirational Speech to 16,000 students celebrating young people changing the world

PM Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire delivering inspiration speech (Photo courtesy: the star)  

Justin Trudeau speaks about change, leadership, and high self-esteem 

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the 23rd and second youngest Prime Minister of Canada and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, addressed 16,000 students and educators at WE Change in Ottawa, Canada. The sensational speech by PM has a great ability to ignite a spark in us and encourage to take a leadership role.  His speech revolves around the change. The change which we are seeking to transit the world starts with an individual. First, we have to change self, then we can change the rest of the world. We have to take action today not tomorrow. We can become leaders today itself. We don't have to wait for tomorrow.  

Each word said by Justin Trudeau has a great weight. Each line said by him equals to an inspirational quote. So, I have compiled his speech in form of quotes. Hope, this takeaway will inspire everyone who even just read these quotes for once.

You can change the world. Do things to help make the world a better place.

Don't think about yourself as leaders of tomorrow . . . this is about you being leaders today.

Each and every one of us is powerful.

Respect your self-esteem and put the great efforts to keep it high. Overcome your depression and eating disorders for a transition in yourself.

Ask yourself the question, how are you when you’re alone with yourself and nobody else in the world is watching?

I encourage you to really, really love yourself . . . because you’re all amazing human beings!

Each and every one of you is powerful. You don’t have to wait until one of you in this room (and I know there’s at least one of you out there) becomes prime minister to make a difference.

The inspirational couple with Craig and Marc Kielburger (Photo courtesy: the star) 

Recommended Reading 

Inspirational To Know

The event, which was helped to establish by Craig and Marc Kielburger, commends the commitments of youngsters and urges them to get mingle with their community.

Free the Children, the philanthropy behind We Day and We Schools, was helped to establish by Craig Kielburger when he was only 12 after he read a Toronto Star article about Pakistani kid Iqbal Masih who was killed subsequent to turning into a youngster work dissident. 

Subsequent to perusing that story, Kielburger persuaded Craig to begin crusading to end youngster bondage.

You can listen to Justin Trudeau's inspirational speech and find more information related to this event here.



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