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Does body building or weight loss motivation push you to sweat out in gym? Research finds the one to increase your attendance at gym!


Generally, there are two kinds of people who join a gym. One, who wants to build his body by adding flesh and giving shape to body, and one who wants to lose weight by reducing excess flesh particularly belly fat. Body building motivation and weight loss motivation are two forces that drive these two kinds of people. But, it is possible, you might have some different motivation that works only for you. Anyways, whatever the reason is, in case you fail to maintain a decent attendance in a gym, you should search for a catalyst to give thrust to your motivation force.  

Recently, researchers from the university of Lincoln have published their study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, which reveals that people who are serious about health and fitness are also one who are sincere and punctual to their daily visits to the gym. This research has a new insight which revolves around a man’s body attitude and his conscious and non-conscious motivations for pushing him to a gym.  

Below is the findings of the research, which clearly demonstrates that health and fitness factor dominates over other factors for which people join a gym.

  • 60% - Health and fitness is the main reason for exercising. Weight loss is the major health priority.
  • 16% - Their appearance or amateur bodybuilding as their motivation
  • 8% - Training and competing in amateur bodybuilding is the driving factor.

Weight loss motivation being primary factor compels people to sweat in the gym or they feel bad about own body fat and risk to feel guilt and shame around others. Some people admit, they feel under pressure to exercise or work out regularly from people they know well.


Research specialist Dr. Keatley advice to Coaches, trainers, and gym buddies, if they want to increase the attendance to the gym, they should identify the motivation and reasons for attendee's work out. People who worry about body fat are more likely to attend sporadically unplanned workouts. These fatty people are sometimes motivated by guilt, shame or pressure of peer and spontaneously join the gym. But, this motivation doesn’t live longer and they might discontinue anytime, so it is important to focus on positive feelings of outcomes and encouraging them to attain long term healthier change.

This weight loss motivational video will ignite sparks in you to start over gym workout

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Experts do warn people who are driven by competition and will to have an ideal body. These conceptions can hyper-motivate one to attend gym more regularly and do excess exercise than a body can bear. This can risk body and can be dangerous for wellbeing, moreover, it puts a pause to your routine exercise. So avoid an excess of anything, including work-out.

What is your motivation behind regular gym attendance? Please share your best practices in the comment box below.


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  1. building a true fit life style is what everybody craves for .. what we need is push (motivation in your terms ) and a POSITIVE motivation is all we need


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