Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A short thoughtful story on finding self confidence

self confidence

Self Confidence 

Samatpur was attacked by a king of another state. On seeing the huge army of enemy, the commander or Samatpur became dispirited. He told the king, “O Lord! The army of the enemy is very large and is well equipped with arms and ammunition. It would be better to have a treaty with him.”

When the Rajguru came to know about this, he said to the king, “Immediately remove the commander from his post. I myself shall lead the Army in his place." The king agreed to Rajguru’s advice. The enemy was camping a little far off. Seeing a temple on way, the Rajguru said, “First, we should seek the guidance of God as to who will win his war.” Then he tossed a coin in the air and said, “If this sign comes up, we shall win the war.” Fortunately, the coin showed the same side on falling on the ground. Considering it as Goddess’ blessing, the army of Samatpur fought valiantly and confidently won the war.

Everyone started saying that it was the blessings of the goddess that won the war. Om hearing this, the Rajguru smiled and then showed the coin to all. Its both sides were same. Then the Rajguru said, “It was not God’s grace, but the self-confidence that won the war.

Take away from this short thoughtful story 

Self confidence is energy that is already inside you. But sometimes it diminishes and lost completely when you do not believe in your own potentials. Believing in oneself is the key to stay motivated. If you say, yes I can do it or I can’t- you are right in both the cases. Having self confidence can boost your inner stamina, potential and risk taking capacity to accomplish any goal. In case whenever you feel like losing your confidence, quickly start believing in other force on which you can trust more than yourself. That strength is nothing but God. God is second name of self confidence. It is well said who help themselves, God helps them for sure. So to trust god is to trust self. Self confidence is nothing but doing your things with 100% dedication without worrying about result. Let the god worry about your result. If you already trust him there is no chance of failing. Because, god is almighty, god is confident.

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