Saturday, May 28, 2016

Opportunity: A Thoughtful Story


time waits for none

An exhibition was running in an art gallery. A number of paintings were the center of attraction for the viewers, but there was a painting which was attracting viewers in very large numbers. There was a figure in the painting, with the head fully covered with hair, but it was bald at the back of the head. It had wings to its feet.

Impressed with the painting, some viewers asked the painter standing nearby, “Who is the figure in the painting?” The painter replied, “This figure if opportunity.”

Viewers asked, “How do you know that opportunity looks like this?” The artist said, “Not only I, but many among you know this face of opportunity.” One of the viewers asked, “Why its face is covered?” The artist replied, “Most of us fail to recognize the opportunity present before them.” Then, another viewer said, “Why it has wings attached to its feet?” The artist explained, “The wings represent the mobility of the opportunity. Opportunity comes, but it vanishes within no time also. If you fail to grasp the opportunity at the right moment, then returns from your door itself.”

The third viewer eagerly spoke, “Then, why it is bald from the back of its head?” The artist smiled to hear the question and said, “Fleeting opportunity cannot be grabbed from behind. It has hair in front and you can take it with these hair and make use of it, but when opportunity is about to flee, you cannot grab it as it slips from your grip.” Viewers gathered there, were satisfied with the answers given by the artist. The artist had revealed the biggest truth of life through the painting. 

(Story taken from Evoking Awakening- collection of short motivational stories)


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