Friday, May 27, 2016

Mother’s Love: A Thoughtful Story

Thoughtful Story

Mother's Love
A trader came to the place of the King with two cows. Both the cows were healthy, beautiful and almost identical in their looks. The trader said to the King, "O Lord, these are mother and daughter and I do not know, which of these is mother and which is daughter, because there is not much difference between these two. I asked several persons, but they were unable to identify mother from daughter. Later, someone, told me that you have a very wise minister who would be able to satisfy my query. Kindly help me."

All the courtiers looked towards the minister. The minister left his seat and came near to the cows. He closely inspected both the cows, but was unable to decide as which of them is mother and which one is daughter. He was perplexed. He asked the trader for one day’s time to solve this riddle. He came to his house, but he was very much perturbed. His wife could realize that her husband is besieged with some problem. She wanted to know the reason for his anxiety and the minister told her about the trader’s query. His wife smiled and said, “Oh, such a simple thing. I’ll solve this problem.”

Next day, the minister took his wife to the place where cows were kept. Minister’s wife placed good food before both the cows. Within a few moments she was able to distinguish the mother from her daughter. “First cow gulped its food hurriedly and then started eating from other cow’s food, which gave it up for the first cow. Only a mother can do this. The second one is mother.” Everyone present, praised minister’s wife.

(Story taken from Evoking Awakening- collection of short motivational stories)


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