Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fate of a Miser: A Thoughtful Story

Fate of a Miser

There was a poor Brahmin. He wanted to marry off his daughter. He thought that money earned through his discourse would suffice. With this resolve, he started his discourses in the Lord Ram temple. He had thought that audience mat be there or not, but the Lord would listen to his narrations.

His narrations attracted only a few devotees. There was a very miser merchant. When he was making rounds of the temple, he heard some voice, coming from inside. It appeared two persons were discussing something. The merchant heard attentively. Lord was asking Hanumanji to arrange for hundred rupees for the Kanyadan (giving away one’s daughter in marriage) of Brahmin’s daughter. Hanumanji said,” Alright Lord! Arrangements will be made.” After hearing this dialogue, the merchant met the Brahmin at the end of the narration and asked him,” Are you getting money out of the discourses?” The Brahmin replied, “Not many devotees are coming to the discourses, as such I am not getting much money.” The merchant said,” Let us make a deal. I’ll give you fifty rupees, but you would hand over all the money collected during your discourse to me,” 

The Brahmin agreed to his condition. He thought that it was impossible to get such a huge amount during his discourses, but he would getting fifty rupees from the merchant. Fifty rupees were quite a hefty amount in those days. The merchant was thinking that as had been instructed by Lord Ram, Hanumanji would definitely arrange hundred rupees for the Brahmin. Greedy persons always think in terms of money. As such the dialogue between Lord Ram and Hanumanji didn’t evoke devotion within him; on the contrary he becomes greedier.

On conclusion of the discourses, the merchant came to the Brahmin. He had expected that the Brahmin must have received hundred rupees as offerings. The Brahmin informed him, “Offering today is quite low. I have received just 5-7 rupees, “The poor seth had on option. He had to part with fifty rupees and gave that amount to the Brahmin. He found, tables turned. The angry merchant went inside the temple and struck a blow to Hanumanji. As he struck the idol, his hand got stuck to it. He tried hard, but was unable to free his hand. Who can get free from Hanumanji’s grip! 

HE again heard the voice. He listened carefully. Lord Ram was asking Hanumanji,”Have you arranged for hundred rupees for the Brahmin?” Hanumanji replied, “My Lord! I have arranged for fifty rupees and for the balance fifty, I have merchant in my grip. He will be released only after paying fifty rupees.” The merchant thought, if people would see me in this condition, they would laugh at me and I will be dishonored, he cried.”Hanumanji! Please releases me. I promise to pay fifty rupees to the Brahmin.”Hanumanji released his hand. Merchant went to the Brahmin and gave him fifty rupees. 



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