Saturday, October 24, 2015

Understanding the realm of mind and its subjugation by thoughts

The foremost thing while controlling our mind is about coping with our own thoughts. The tighter we are on our thoughts the more slippery they become. Of course, based upon the type of thoughts, there are numerous realms of mind operating on specific types of thought processes at a time. But challenge comes in operating system of mind when thoughts from one realm start permeating into another realm and causing sparking and resonance, thereby disturbing the entire peace of mind.

Understanding the realm of mind and its subjugation by thoughts
The extent to which a human mind can think is limited to infinity so are the number of thoughts a human mind can perceive. But it is possible to classify the nature of thoughts, so it is easy to derive the type of realm based on the nature of thoughts. Therefore, there could be number of realms observed such as realms of fantasy, realms of affection, realms of reality, realms of sadness, realms of truth, realms of divine, realms of hatred etc.

A realm is simply an area or part of brain which contains thoughts. The realm gets its identity and type from the kind of thought it contains. Negative thoughts being heavy are stored in deeper realms of mind but they are reinforced and come into picture if induced by external negative thoughts that come to us from our surrounding environment. These negative thoughts are imbibed by different realms of mind and permeate from one realm to another until they reach at own kind of realm. Once they reach into their area they start subjugating the surrounding realms by replacing other thoughts with negative thoughts. Ultimately, it keeps increasing negativity in our mind and soon we totally become restless and peace less.

However a quick step to minimize the effect of negative thoughts is through the awareness of the entire system. Once we know and believe in this system of mind, we can start keeping an eye on our own thoughts. As per the universal law of happiness only positive thoughts are responsible for the permanent happiness and they should be the only desired thoughts that can be welcomed by any realms of mind. But if at any circumstance or situation, we watch that undesired negative thoughts are taking us, we can help the various realms of mind stay immune to undesired thoughts by putting the negative thoughts below the positive thoughts and then pushing them into their respective realms which are placed deep inside the mind to stay longer with positive thoughts.
This can be effective when we are influenced by some negative thoughts. We should try to mould our mind in a way that is resistive to negative thoughts. But how to stop getting affected from surrounding negativity?

Now we know the fact that how the system inside our mind works. With a positive approach and by practicing meditation we can easily control our mind and resist negativity to dwell inside the mind. In upcoming posts we will be diving into modern meditation techniques, which has been very useful so far in controlling our own thoughts.

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