Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Understanding mind to eradicate the fear

A beam of light focused on an object illuminates it. In the same way a human mind focused on at one thing gets the work done effortlessly. But a barrier for both light and mind causes darkness on the other side.

One of the greatest barriers that a brain faces is fear. Fear is a bad feeling in form of uncertainty, doubt for a living or non-living object, existing or non-existing event or situation. Fear can be about one thing or multiple things at the same point of time. Fear can dictates an individual or mass of people at once. Fear can be real or imaginary, true or false, near or far, static or mobile, but where does it stay?

It resides inside your brain and haunts you like anything. Understanding fear in depth requires first knowing your mind, understanding and accepting its nature and then taking appropriate actions to change it.

Understanding mind is not that easy as it seems to be. Self-evaluation, going to a psychotherapist, and judging your mind out of various actions and interpreting them to make a change in nature might not be easy for all. Therefore, we are bringing in here a new section that is totally dedicated to deeds that shall empower our mind and help us to have check on our thoughts and control our related actions.

Psycho spirituality is our next new section where we shall be talking about meditation and yoga related activities in detail. The amalgamation of two words ‘psycho’ and ‘spirituality’ will distinctively define the realms of mind and causes for it. Psychology can give scientific reasons that how mind is changed during a particular mental or psychological problem. It can talk about symptoms, medication and precautions. 

But why a particular thing is happening to a particular person only? Why one is feeling happy and other happier after getting same amount of money? Why fear for one is motivation for other? How to eradicate fear naturally? The root of causes for all these problems in our life actually lies in spirituality. 

But what is the need to bring these two distinctive subjects together? How an amalgamated concept will guide us in living a happier life? Answers for such other similar questions will be disclosed in upcoming posts.

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