Thursday, October 8, 2015

POWER OF BEST LIFE QUOTES: Does positive inspirational quote act as a Psychic Healer at time of treatments for mental illness?

POWER OF BEST LIFE QUOTES: Does positive inspirational quote acts as a Psychic Healer at time of treatments for mental illness?

In a recent study conducted by psychology students at school for psychology revealed that all human beings actively read positive inspirational quotes whenever they are trounced by challenges in life. Here, I used the word ‘actively’ because they are actually imbibing some positive energy while reading positive life quotes. So there are others who ‘passively’ read such success motivational quotes, whenever they get a chance to read such stuffs, regardless of not having much challenge in life. In fact, there would be no one, who would be turning his eyes away after falling in front of inspirational quotes to motivate.

The peace of mind at turbulence is distorted because of fluctuations in frequency of thoughts. A confused mind produces conditional thoughts in nature, moving in dual directions of yes or no attributes like in a flow chart. It tends to increase the irregularity of wavelength of thoughts leading to increase in uncertainty, unrest and anxiety.

The formation and absorption of such kinds of thoughts keep occurring in each of us every time. It is the capacity and ability of human mind to imbibe positive energy in form of positive frequency from surrounding. Comparing to a normal thing, object carrying some positivity in it has more power to transfer positivity in us. Objects (everything tangible or intangible) like any spiritual or motivational guru, religious places like temple, mosque or church, positive sayings ranging from inspirational speech to positive inspirational quotes in form of best life quotes.

A person with strong determination can become his own psychic healer and cure his mental illness like anxiety, autism, narcissism and even procrastination. A bunch of positive efforts like reading & listening success motivational quotes, inspirational stories, watching inspirational/motivational movies and the most important- Constantly thinking and acting positively can help in treatments for mental illness.


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