Friday, October 16, 2015

Feeling Low? 5 peculiar ways to quick start your day and move up in life.

1. Try to make funny faces!

 Try to make funny faces!

No matter how much sad or disappointed you are, start your each day by looking at yourself in the mirror then open your mouth big wide rectangular in shape, take out your tongue, make a circle in air, tease yourself and say aloud, I just don’t care how the things are today, I am just happy and live happier day by day.

2. Try folding a piece of paper more than 7 times!


Try folding a piece of paper more than 7 times!

Take A4 size paper and fold it in half, then repeat it for possible number of times, you will be surprised to know that you can’t fold a paper more than 7 times! Ah~ & what about your majestic life? You have been ruining it more than 7 times with your own dreadful thoughts. No more you have to do it now, just pass all your thoughts in this paper, fold all your anxiety, fear and depression – 7 times and throw it in dustbin. Take a deep breath, relax, smile and tap on your back- you just did a great job.

3. Keep tossing the coin until you get desired result.


Keep tossing the coin until you get desired result.


It is human nature to easily get restless and frustrated when things are not met in two or three attempts. This leads to depression; however trying till we succeed is the end result that pulls back smile on our face. It is good to get some small victories to motivate yourself to get back to higher goals.

4. Race with your (pet) dog


If you have a pet preferably a dog, it can be of great help to you. Pets not only demand care but also great affection from us. Dogs are sensitive enough to get an idea about our emotions how we are feeling and behaving at times. A dog if well trained for racing can give you a good competition. Just forget everything and race with your dog. If you’re going to win this race, a kind of confidence is built up that says to you, ‘my other misery is not bigger than me, I just keep pushing on.’ You can easily race it out by running faster to achieve your real goal of life.

5. Make fake call to yourself and pretend to talk to the most challenging person in a natural way.



Challenging person in our life could be anyone. It can be your life partner, friend, neighbor, or any relative. Bitter truth in corporate is that employee doesn’t quit its job, it quits its challenging person i.e. boss.

Being employee you may become angry, frustrated and impatience, but you will not dare to yell it out in front of your boss, because of self-respect and job security. But by making a fake call to yourself and pretending a hot talk with your boss, speaking out all your frustrations and anger, you can release out some amount of anxiety and pain and in return you may gain some relaxation and confidence to face a real live challenge.


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