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What is happy father’s day? Which date first father’s day was celebrated?

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The Date Celebrating Happy Father's Day in June 2017

18th June is Happy Fathers Day or just Father's Day UK is observed worldwide majorly in 40+ countries. This day is celebrated with significance to honor father and fatherhood. However, its observance day varies per country but its frequency is annual. It is related to Children’s day, Siblings Day, Mother’s day, Parent’s Day and Grand Parent’s Day.

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What is father’s day and why is celebrated as Happy Fathers Day

Father's Day is a celebration day honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and significance of fathers in society. As it is a happy event and also a Holiday so it is suffixed and pronounced as Happy Father’s Day. 

In Catholic Europe, it has been in usual observance on March 19 everyone. 

The Father's Day idea was reinforced by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America. However, America started observing it on every third Sunday of June and since then it is celebrated in many countries around the world. 

Here is the history pertaining to it,

The Catholic day to praise parenthood goes back to the Middle Ages to tie in with the devour of St Joseph. 

In any case, the festival of parenthood did not achieve the US until around 100 years prior. The UK embraced the day considerably later, around the late 1940s. 

How the thought came to US is debatable. Some recommend that the American Sonora Dodd concocted the possibility of a day for fathers in the wake of hearing a sermon about mother's Day in 1910. She had been raised by her dad – alongside her skin – after her mom passed on in labor. 

Others recommend that the day's causes go back to 1908 when Grace Golden Clayton, from Fairmont, West Virginia, battled for a date for youngsters in a close-by town to recollect their fathers after 360 men kicked the bucket in a mine blast. 

The battle for Mother's Day begun only a few months prior so it is conceivable she drew motivation from this. 

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Failed Attempts and Final Establishments of Father’s Day as National Holiday

Jane Addams brought forth the idea of Father's Day Celebration in 1911 in Chicago but was in 1922 when this day was celebrated in Vancouver, Washington. However, it was in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. 

Finally, in 1972, the day was established and signed into law as a permanent national holiday by President Richard Nixon. 

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