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When is Father’s Day? Which countries observe it on Sunday

# 40+ Countries observe Father's Day 2017 on Sunday

In the year 2017, it will be observed on 3rd Sunday of June month i.e. 18th June 2017. As now we know what Father’s Day is and why it is celebrated. Let’s explore next why it falls on Sunday It is observed and celebrated on Sunday only because in 1972, it was legally approved and established as National Holiday in the US and since then many countries have started following same day for Father’s Day Celebration

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Sunday was intentionally chosen as observance day as it already works off on Sunday so people can easily enjoy and celebrate this day and treat it as a Holiday. Moreover, it gives more time for family and relatives to come closer and celebrate father’s day with kids and father and elders. 

If you want to explore deep into history and get familiar with what is Father’s day or why Father’s day started you can read it here. 

As we know not all countries worldwide celebrate father’s day on third Sunday of June. Below is the list of countries who celebrate Father’s day same day as Father's Day UK and US.

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Which countries observe Father's Day on Sunday

Father's Day will soon be upon us - so it's an ideal opportunity to begin considering how to demonstrate your gratefulness for father on his exceptional day. 

In the UK, we observe Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, which in 2015 will be June 21. 

The USA, whose festivals were the motivation for those in the UK, additionally denote Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. 

Numerous different nations utilize a similar date, including Ireland, France, Cyprus, South Africa, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. 

Be that as it may, different spots hold it at an alternate time of year. 

It's on the primary Sunday of June in Switzerland and Lithuania, and the second Sunday of that month in Austria and Belgium. Denmark settles the date as June 5 every year, whatever day of the week that falls on, and Haiti commands it on the last Sunday of June. 

Somewhere else, it's in one more month through and through. 

In Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Croatia it's on March 19. 

Romania observes Father's Day on the second Sunday of May, while it's on an indistinguishable date from Ascension Day in Germany. 

Australia and New Zealand respect their fathers on the primary Sunday of September, Latvia on the second Sunday, Ukraine on the third and Luxembourg on the main Sunday of October. 

For Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Iceland, the Father's Day festivities are on the second Sunday of November, and in Bulgaria, it's on an indistinguishable day from Boxing Day, December 26.
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Argentina
  5. Aruba
  6. Bahamas
  7. Bahrain
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Barbados
  10. Belize
  11. Bermuda
  12. Brunei
  13. Canada
  14. Cambodia
  15. Chile
  16. China
  17. Colombia
  18. Costa Rica
  19. Cuba
  20. Curaçao
  21. Cyprus
  22. Czech Republic
  23. Dominica
  24. Ecuador
  25. Ethiopia
  26. France
  27. Ghana
  28. Greece
  29. Guyana
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Hungary
  32. India
  33. Ireland
  34. Jamaica
  35. Japan
  36. Kenya
  37. Kuwait
  38. Laos
  39. Macao
  40. Madagascar
  41. Malaysia
  42. Maldives
  43. Malta
  44. Mauritius
  45. Mexico
  46. Mozambique
  47. Myanmar
  48. Namibia
  49. Netherlands
  50. Nigeria
  51. Oman
  52. Pakistan
  53. Panama
  54. Paraguay
  55. Peru
  56. Philippines
  57. Puerto Rico
  58. Qatar
  59. Saint Lucia
  60. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  61. Saudi Arabia
  62. Singapore
  63. Slovakia
  64. South Africa
  65. Sri Lanka
  66. Suriname
  67. Trinidad and Tobago
  68. Tunisia
  69. Turkey
  70. Uganda
  71. Ukraine
  72. United Kingdom
  73. United State

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So it appears there's dependably time to recognize father day some place on the planet.

Share your views on it in comments.


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