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Sunday Funday! Five things to do on a Sunday to change it into Funday

sunday funday
Turn your Sunday Into Funday

Five things to do on a Sunday to change it into Funday

Hey, World! Wassup, Hope you are making your day full out of Sunday. But let me know if you are sad on Sunday. It doesn’t look good when you make sad and gloomy faces on the day meant for fun, fun, and only fun. Below are the five things to do on a Sunday.

  1. Wait with bated breath for the Sunday
  2. Try to get a buzz out of a Sunday
  3. Start your Sunday with meditation and exercise
  4. Kill the will of anxiety on eve of Sunday
  5. Plan how to manage unplanned schedule for Sunday

1. Wait with bated breath for the Funday on Sunday

No matter how busy or engaged you are on weekdays, you always think of Sunday in mid of weekdays. This should be continued till you get into Sundays. The urge, desire, and temptation for Sunday should not be lost in between the hectic work schedules. Always remember, there will come a day of fun, pleasure, and relaxation after few days. Therefore, wait with bated breath for the Sunday, day after day, every day until you get Sunday Funday.

2. Try to get a buzz out of Sunday 

It is all about your achievements and accomplishments on every Sunday. Don’t ruin your Sunday under the pressure of regular workload, anxiety, despair and misery. Just for the sake of Sunday, for the time being, you should escalate these thoughts into weekdays. It is all about your power of positive thinking. Many people claim to have mood swings that in most cases typically divert feelings from positive to negative. But on Sunday, reprogram your mind and use mood swings to redirect your mind towards positive thoughts. Remember, your buzz out of Sunday should be a complete pack of fun, enjoyment, and entertainment.

3. Wanna have Funday? Kill the will of anxiety on eve of Sunday

Get rid of your pain and fear a day before Sunday to get a Funday

It is about your final action a day before Sunday. Killing the ill will of negativity and fear clears the way forward for a more relaxed and pleasurable Sunday. Anxiety is not more than a negative picture of imaginary things or events that we think in the present that might happen in future. Rubbing off the pictures of the futuristic false image from drawing-board of fragile mind can surely prepare us for having a relaxed and sound sleep and awake us in peace and pleasure on Sunday. 

4. Start your Sunday with meditation and exercise

Kick start your day with meditation and physical exercise that will rejuvenate and energize your positive thoughts. Each day is unique, but Sunday is marvelous! How can you afford to lose the abundant energy that you can get if you renounce your laziness? Come on, lazy bones, get up! Slake your thirst for happiness. 

5. Plan how to manage the unplanned, gloomy & sad Sunday

It is always better to plan your Sunday well in advance but in case you are sad and living in adversity; it is never too late to quickly change an annoying and sad Sunday into a Fun Day. An 18-Minute Plan for Managing your day would be quite helpful for you.

Here are few quick tips that you can use to make the best out of Sunday.

1. If you are a single person, away from your friends and feeling lonely, it is the best time to start researching on social psychology. Start reading some books or enriched blogs on human psychology. Identify the cause of loneliness. Why, How and When do we feel alone? What is the best way to distract your mind away from it? As soon as you slake the thirst of knowledge, you will realize that you have started keeping yourself busy in something that is engaging you and enriching your experience. Boom! Your feeling of loneliness has disappeared automatically and now you know a better reason to keep yourself busy and not to think those things which are not intended for you.

2. If you are not fond of reading things, you will naturally ignore the tip one. So here is the next tip. Start doing what you love or what you loved when you were not sad or lonely. There can be a range of things depending on your taste of interest, knowledge, and personality. If you are in deep pain and sorrow, tip two might not work for you.

3. If you are in deep, intense pain, your sorrow will forbid you from thinking positively and doing healthy things. People are living in such conditions rarely go for self-help unless they get some external support and affection from dear and near ones. So if you are the one who does feel that you are in pain and sorrow but still reading this blog post, should know and firmly believe that there is a tremendous amount of positive energy inside you. Now, just give a pause to reading this post and recall the person near and dear to you who needs your affection and support today? The friend who has been missed out by you. The person whom you haven’t call for many days. The people who were with you during your wrong time but are now lost in a maze or haven’t been in touch because you think they are very busy with their life and work. So if you are feeling low, here are 5 peculiar ways to quick start your day and move up in life.

A personal touch gives intense relief and joy

It is better to call or get in touch with them through any social media. The best would be giving them a surprise by personally meeting them. If you do so, you might feel happy and contended. Possibly, if you have a clean heart, by now you must have realized that this Sunday has already changed into a blissful day.

Hope these methods will help you change every Sunday into Funday.

How do you spend your Sunday? What things do you do on Sunday to change it into a Funday? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mosquitoes Bites - Curious Case of a Critter with Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Beware! What you are going to read is extremely emotional. You might wet your eyes. 'Mosquitoes Bites' revolves around jaw-dropping facts, events and emotional relationship between a mosquito and a man.

What is 'Mosquitoes Bites' all about?

"It is a very rare, unconditional, two-sided love story between a man and a small living creature that is full of empathy, devotion, and sacrifice."

Here we go...

It seems I am dying. I shall die of starvation if I will not get blood, albeit I sipped some blood, a few days ago when I bit an infant. I am famished, weak, can’t fly to another place to gorge myself on lashings of fresh blood streams flowing in your veins. I shall perish, right here, in front of the man, who unwittingly taught me, what love is, what sacrifice is. And now, when I shall follow his path, I shall erase my existence from this land called earth. This is for if I stoke up on his blood, I hurt him and that I can’t. Now, I realize that it’s better to die than watching the dear one getting diseased.

There are some good memories, which will be cremated with me if I don’t tell you. I am petite yet pokey as I can fly maximum at speed of only two miles per hour. You think of me as a little creature but truth is that I am one of the deadliest animals in the world. This is the reason we are hated by you people. You research a lot and keep inventing chemicals like DEET, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and IR3535 to repel us effectively. But you know it better, how safer you are!

It was daybreak. I was flying wonderingly in a street, in search of a better place. Almost, two days had passed, since I guzzled blood of a baby girl at my last resident. Soon, I traced a home with its window opened. It was injurious to my health to fly in through the open window, as I could sense the deadly smell of a strong repellent. But, I could smell carbon dioxide also mixed with deadly fumes. We are heavily attracted to this gas. It indicates that there is a big source to feast on.  Reluctantly, I followed the smoke. It was risky and uncertain but I was fortunate enough to get at right place.

Amazing facts about mosquitoes bites


In order to protect myself from the deadly air, I quickly moved into another room via the gallery. Probably, that room was Kitchen, as I could see a man in refrigerator light, pouring out beer in a glass. We are more attracted to an alcoholic because it increases carbon dioxide around them. I made the haste, landed down on the back of his neck and pierced my proboscis deeply. The taste was good, I wanted to continue. However, as anticipated he tapped his fingers on his neck, this could have killed me, but it was my attentiveness and his dizzy spells that saved my life.

I quickly flew into another room. I could see a man in mid-twenties, asleep in bed, snoring gently. I reclined on a bottle cap placed on a stool next to his bed. I gazed fixedly at his appearance. I had never seen a human face; such lively and vibrant. Seemed, I was totally mesmerized by his spirit.

Hours after, somewhere in the different room, I heard a voice of men chatting indistinctly.

‘Just give up this plan, devise something better.’ The man spoke.

‘Devise something better!’ exclaimed the other man.

‘Yes, exactly’

‘You know it better, that things are getting ruined, but still, you want to devise something better! Remember the effort, which we put together behind it?’ The man said.

‘Yes Madhur, I remember but try to understand. It is not just about me or you. It is about the whole ecosystem, and we are a part of the same. In one way or another, it will affect us. It is not visible right away but I can predict it. He said.

‘I didn’t get “predict it”. Tell me clearly Meet, what is it all about?’ Madhur said.

‘All right, then just understand that it is not only my prediction but even scientists thrust upon saying that if we disturb ecosystem, it will lead us to some severe consequences.’ Meet said.

Madhur laughed and then said, ‘So you presume that stamping out these blood sucking critters from our home will eradicate mosquitoes from the planet earth.

‘Exactly, because our method is not constrained by the four walls of our home, our deadly idea is contagious and it shall flourish and spread all around the world to cause a disaster.’ Meet said.

‘Oh My God, have you gone mad or what?’ said the irritated Madhur.

‘If by this way, I can save these tiny creatures, then yes I've gone Mad.’ said Meet.

‘Ah, I find you very uninteresting Meet. No more I can resolutely stick to your rules.’

‘I do find your sudden disinterest in me rather very uninteresting.’ Meet said.

Madhur didn’t utter a word again. He headed towards the front door, banged the door behind him as he left.

This incident provoked a storm of thoughts in my mind. Humbleness, love, compassion, empathy, and generosity are gifted to human beings. Unlike us, they take care of all living creatures while few of us; don’t even give up feasting on our own offspring. What a gift a mind is! What a gift heart is! What a life being a human is! Oh God, Can’t I feel love?

But my thoughts came to an abrupt end when I heard someone knocking at the door. He flung the door open and looked through it inside and waited in there until a girl in mid twenty came in. Meanwhile, Meet had walked in barefoot to listen out the door knock.

‘Hey Arpita, How are you?’ Meet said while shaking hand with her. He shook hand with the man also but said nothing.

‘I am good you say’ Arpita said.

‘Yeah, I am also good.’ Meet said

‘Can I sit on this sofa’ Arpita asked.

‘Of course, why do you ask this? This is like your home.’

‘Like my home!’ She chuckled and sat on the sofa. The man also sat bolt upright, hands folded in front of him, not speaking yet.

Meet too sat beside the man and said, ‘Good to see you again, Madhur’.

‘I am not here to please you anymore Meet, I am here to get Arpita away from you.’ Madhur broke his silence.

‘Away from me?’

‘Yes, and this is because…’

‘Ah, you guys are again making a nuisance. Please! I don’t like it.’ Arpita shouted in between.

‘I am sorry’ Meet said swiftly.

She continued, ‘No need to apologize Meet, but truth is that we can’t work together anymore.’

‘But why?’ Meet asked.

‘This is because you lack clarity and so a good understanding is missing among us.’ She said while breathing deeply.

‘Clarity? Understanding?’ uttered the shocked Meet.

‘Yeah, Madhur told me everything. You haven’t eliminated the mosquito completely from your home yet. You still feel affection and love for these tiny monsters!’

‘How effortlessly you believe him!’ spoke the angry Meet with clenched fingers.

‘I heard the whizzing sound of a mosquito around my head in the morning. There is no need to oppose Mr. Meet.’ Madhur intervened.

‘What do you mean by opposing?’ Meet asked in a hostile way.

Side effect and harm caused when one is bitten by a mosquito

‘Why are you doing this Meet? You are lying just to save these creatures. How easily can you forget the pain and suffering of your family? Your brother was deaf for two months because of side effect of Chloroquine, your mother still recovering from yellow fever and your uncle died of…’

‘Enough, I know it. I know what I have lost because of these insects, no need to remind me again and again.’ Meet yelled wildly enough to halt Arpita’s speech abruptly.

None spoke for few minutes. Then, she broke the silence.

‘Think about it again, Meet. She added, ‘Bring your idea up, of jamming mosquito’s wings in the air, before the world. This will publicize us. We will be next stars.’

‘I understand but what I anticipate future is invisible to you.’ Meet said.

‘Ah, why are you so worried about the future? Just present your idea before scientists and leave it to them for implementation or disapproval. At least, we will be honored.’ Madhur spoke after a long silence.

‘I don’t know. I think this is not the ideal time to come up.’ Meet said.

And the conversation went on. Gradually, her voice was rising up. She started shouting and went mad. Her high heart rate and heavily breathing increased intensity of CO2 around her. This attracted more of me towards her. I was again hungry, perhaps greedy. You can’t restrict yourself, when in front; there is plenty of favorite food to devour on. I started whirling around her with the intention to rest on her neck and taste some blood.

‘Oh my God, she cried out aloud scratching her mosquito bite, ‘something just pricked on my neck. If this is a mosquito, I accuse you of this act Meet.’

‘See, I told you, I felt the buzz of a mosquito in the morning. It is now proven that Meet tames mosquitoes.’ Madhur said quickly.

‘No need to argue with him further. He is lovesick of mosquitoes. Let’s move out of here before we get infected. Hurry up Madhur.’ She said and briskly walked out the door followed by Madhur. They left the door ajar.

‘Arpita please’ He could only mumble though he wanted to yell out her name and stop her, but he couldn’t. He rushed to door. He peeped out from the partly opened door just to find them leaving in a car. He banged a stretched fist on the door in frustration and guilt. He was standing there like a statue for several minutes, silent and firm. Then he started looking outside and inside the door randomly, muttering words, banging his head and hands and kicking hard on the door. He continued it until he was exhausted enough to get into his bed and fell asleep.

I was amazed by his extraordinary generosity towards us. I had never seen a man who dotes on harmful creatures, a man who is concerned about the welfare of all livings on the planet. Maybe this is what called unconditional love. It is not a passion. It is not a liking. It is selfless devotion.

The sacrifice and great love is shown by mosquito - the reason it didn't bite 

Now, Meet was left all alone. I could bring an intrusion to him that could take away his loneliness. But, I felt it was my requited love that was stopping me to kiss his blood. The bondage and affection for all animals that I learned from him, was confining my wings to an invisible fence, which I could not cross to reach him. Now it was clear that feeding on his blood for my own survival was now impossible.

Days kept passing but nobody came to visit Meet in those days. It got me hungrier, feebler.

At present, my hopes are diminishing. I can’t find any possible mean to avoid my slow death. I can feel it, creeping up on me bit by bit. You may call it a silly suicide but I take pride calling it a supreme sacrifice.

Today is the day when you are witnessing my death and calling it ‘the curious tale of a mosquito bite’.

Hope you liked the story. Please, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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The unique, lesser known [Father's Day Gifts and Present Ideas] from all age groups

Cool yet cheap, funny, top, unique, homemade, the best father’s day gifts and present ideas from kids, son, daughter, sister, mother, wife or any aged family member who can buy a gift today.

Father's Day Gifts and Present Ideas

Father's Day Gifts and Present Ideas

When father’s day is just a couple of day away, you would be making a rush to a nearby shop or hitting your fingers on gift corners of Amazon or eBay. Probably there will a lot of gifts to choose from, leaving you confused, frustrated and even sometimes you can go crazy. 

Hey, but wait, don’t let this complexity steal your happiness, don’t get demotivated. If you have reached this site, you won’t be disappointed when choosing unique father’s day gift for your pa. 

So without any further ado, here we go for good gift ideas to make your father’s day most memorable on 18th June 2017.

It really doesn’t matter, if you are just born baby, toddler, preschooler, kindergarten, kid or a senior you can make your father happy with cheap funny homemade gifts for your father. Of course, if you are just born, or less than 3 years old baby or a toddler – you will need your sister or mother’s helping hand. Probably you might be not reading this post – but hopefully, your mother or sister will do this favor for you. After all, who does want to miss wishing father’s day with unique presents and gift ideas!

1st Fathers day gifts and present ideas with infants, babies, toddlers, girls father’s day

#cheap, #cool, #adorable, #homemade, #unique, #doityourself, 

1. Award your #1 dad with a Pepperoni Pizza Ribbon this Fathers Day

2. Fathers’ Day Photo Collage Free Printable

Fathers’ Day Photo Collage Free Printable-Father's Day  Gift

3. What a Catch Fathers Day Gift

What a Catch Fathers Day Gift

4. Father’s Day Project: Chinese take-out with fortune cookies!

Father’s Day Project Chinese take-out with fortune cookies!

5. Golf Tee Porcupine for Father’s Day

 Golf Tee Porcupine for Father’s Day Present

6. Fathers Day Frame

Fathers Day Frame-Ideas

7. Fathers Day Craft – Create a Simple Memory Box 

Fathers Day Craft – Create a Simple Memory Box

8. Tacky Tie for Fathers Day 

Tacky Tie for Fathers Day

9. Make Your Own Scratch-Off Fathers Day Card

Make Your Own Scratch-Off Fathers Day Card

10. Best Dad Ever Beaded Key Chain Craft

Best Dad Ever Beaded Key Chain Craft

It is a double surprise today - Father Day on Sunday - Turn Your Sunday into Funday 

Unique presents ideas on occasion of Fathers Day for Kids in kindergarten and Preschoolers to make

Let me share gift ideas you can try for your child who is just walking long enough to get into the school bus and says TATA to you while leaving for school. So let’s dive into fresh, unique, pocket-friendly, environment-friendly, and adorable, memorable, top funny gift ideas for your kids

#father's day gifts from daughter #father's day unique gifts #father day gift ideas 

1. A photograph forever

A photograph forever

2. Father’s Day Grill Apron & Other Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Grill Apron & Other Gift Ideas

3. Fathers Day Wreath

Fathers Day Wreath-ideas

4. Something To Stroke Dad’s Ego: Dad Rocks Paperweight

something To Stroke Dad’s Ego Dad Rocks Paperweight Gift

5. Finger Print Mug 

Finger Print Mug -Fathers day Gift

6. Cutest little fathers day gift! A custom coupon booklet.

Cutest little fathers day gift! A custom coupon booklet.

7. Father’s Day Book for Kids to Make (free printable)

Father’s Day Book for Kids to Make (free printable)

8. Fathers day monster hand card

Fathers day monster hand card

9. Shadow Photography 

Shadow Photography for fathers day gift

10. DIY Father’s Day BBQ Sauce

DIY Father’s Day BBQ Sauce-best ideas for fathers day

What you said?? What!! Okay, you are a wife? And You don’t have a kid?? Oh Great, you are pregnant!! 

Congratulations to you! 

Well, now I understand you are pregnant or even if you are not right now, of course, one day you will for sure. Good Luck to you. Meanwhile, it is worth for you to have some gifts ideas for future dad alias your loving husband. Let the motherhood of yours celebrate the day of fatherhood altogether. 

Here is quick fathers day present and gift ideas for your husband if you are pregnant 

#homemade father's day gift ideas #father day gift idea #personalized father's day gifts

C&L Era 59 Shoes

father's day gift

45 RPM Record Coasters

Wood Mug 

Timex Weekender 

And guys it is good you are celebrating happy fathers day. Add double happiness to your day - If you'd been shy all year to share your girlfriend with your PA, today is the day to do it without a fear. And yes, don't forget to send these 51 awesome messages to your girl tonight. It's been a long day together with Dad! Now it is your turn to share all day happiness with her. She will really feel special.

Hope you liked fathers day gift and present ideas. Now it is your turn to choose the best present on fathers day and gift it to your Dad. Please share your best present idea in comments below. 

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Thoughtful Story: Confessions of an Old Man


"An old man's confessions about fear, anxiety, and criticism that kept him away from becoming successful and still haunt his mind." 

Once there was a boy with curly hairs and brown eyes. He looked very cute and innocent with a glee on his face. He was sitting on edge of a wooden bench planted in a park. He was lost somewhere in his thoughts, somewhat like daydreaming or nearly meditating with open eyes.  He couldn’t notice that when a seventy years old man came and took the seat beside him on that rusty iron seat.


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When is Father’s Day? Which countries observe it on Sunday

# 40+ Countries observe Father's Day 2017 on Sunday

In the year 2017, it will be observed on 3rd Sunday of June month i.e. 18th June 2017. As now we know what Father’s Day is and why it is celebrated. Let’s explore next why it falls on Sunday It is observed and celebrated on Sunday only because in 1972, it was legally approved and established as National Holiday in the US and since then many countries have started following same day for Father’s Day Celebration

Present a gift on Father's Day to your Dad - Click Here

Sunday was intentionally chosen as observance day as it already works off on Sunday so people can easily enjoy and celebrate this day and treat it as a Holiday. Moreover, it gives more time for family and relatives to come closer and celebrate father’s day with kids and father and elders. 

If you want to explore deep into history and get familiar with what is Father’s day or why Father’s day started you can read it here. 

As we know not all countries worldwide celebrate father’s day on third Sunday of June. Below is the list of countries who celebrate Father’s day same day as Father's Day UK and US.

fathers day image

Which countries observe Father's Day on Sunday

Father's Day will soon be upon us - so it's an ideal opportunity to begin considering how to demonstrate your gratefulness for father on his exceptional day. 

In the UK, we observe Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, which in 2015 will be June 21. 

The USA, whose festivals were the motivation for those in the UK, additionally denote Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. 

Numerous different nations utilize a similar date, including Ireland, France, Cyprus, South Africa, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. 

Be that as it may, different spots hold it at an alternate time of year. 

It's on the primary Sunday of June in Switzerland and Lithuania, and the second Sunday of that month in Austria and Belgium. Denmark settles the date as June 5 every year, whatever day of the week that falls on, and Haiti commands it on the last Sunday of June. 

Somewhere else, it's in one more month through and through. 

In Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Croatia it's on March 19. 

Romania observes Father's Day on the second Sunday of May, while it's on an indistinguishable date from Ascension Day in Germany. 

Australia and New Zealand respect their fathers on the primary Sunday of September, Latvia on the second Sunday, Ukraine on the third and Luxembourg on the main Sunday of October. 

For Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Iceland, the Father's Day festivities are on the second Sunday of November, and in Bulgaria, it's on an indistinguishable day from Boxing Day, December 26.
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Argentina
  5. Aruba
  6. Bahamas
  7. Bahrain
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Barbados
  10. Belize
  11. Bermuda
  12. Brunei
  13. Canada
  14. Cambodia
  15. Chile
  16. China
  17. Colombia
  18. Costa Rica
  19. Cuba
  20. Curaçao
  21. Cyprus
  22. Czech Republic
  23. Dominica
  24. Ecuador
  25. Ethiopia
  26. France
  27. Ghana
  28. Greece
  29. Guyana
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Hungary
  32. India
  33. Ireland
  34. Jamaica
  35. Japan
  36. Kenya
  37. Kuwait
  38. Laos
  39. Macao
  40. Madagascar
  41. Malaysia
  42. Maldives
  43. Malta
  44. Mauritius
  45. Mexico
  46. Mozambique
  47. Myanmar
  48. Namibia
  49. Netherlands
  50. Nigeria
  51. Oman
  52. Pakistan
  53. Panama
  54. Paraguay
  55. Peru
  56. Philippines
  57. Puerto Rico
  58. Qatar
  59. Saint Lucia
  60. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  61. Saudi Arabia
  62. Singapore
  63. Slovakia
  64. South Africa
  65. Sri Lanka
  66. Suriname
  67. Trinidad and Tobago
  68. Tunisia
  69. Turkey
  70. Uganda
  71. Ukraine
  72. United Kingdom
  73. United State

Highly Recommended:- 

Fathers Day Gift Ideas From All Age Group Family Members

So it appears there's dependably time to recognize father day some place on the planet.

Share your views on it in comments.


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